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Since I’ve sort of left this blog to die, I’ll give it a shock treatment and start with my crazy nail polish obsession.
Just got these today and just had to combine them together to see what will happen. Magic happened! Well in the lamplight anyway:

So the base of this is OPI Midnight in Moscow which is actually a near-black shade that throws in some deep deep red. Since currently it is way too dark in here (winter afterall), the red didn’t show much so I figured I’ll just throw on a layer of Essie Pure Pearlfection and ta da! Magic! I think it came out awesome 🙂 If you don’t count the horrible state my cuticles are in that is. But that doesn’t count. Right? Right?
Sad thing about this look is that in daylight (without the sun that is), it doesn’t look like much. In the lamplight, it’s sparklefest!
Essie Pure Pearlfection surprised me. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also super easy to apply and it dries crazy quick. So it didn’t add another 10 minutes to the whole process. More like.. two. And OPI Midnight in Moscow is amazing. I hope one day the spring will come back and I’ll see it in its full glory. Until then, Scrangies swatch gives me hope! 😀
My painting skills are still lacking but I’m working on it.
On the cuticle front, I’ve religiously used cuticle oil every day but seems nothing beats the dry flaky eww, specially now that it’s very cold outside. Oh well.
The end of talking to myself. Dinner needs to be prepared! 😀