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So figured I’d also show how this looks in daylight (no sun) since now the light is available to me 😛

The out of focus part is actually rather cool I think. But anyway, in daylight this definitely looks silver with bits of teal. Whereas in lamplight it threw out pretty much all the colors of the rainbow and sparkled like crazy. In daylight it more like shines rather then sparkles.
As a reminder, this is OPI Midnight in Moscow with Essie Pure Pearlfection layered on top.
And this is how OPI Midnight in Moscow looks in a bottle:

Sadly in the dark ages that is called winter here, it’s pretty much black on the nails as I said yesterday.
And also this is where thanks are due – thanks for the suggestion of trying out the cuticle balm from Lush! I’m on it! I’ll talk about that once I’ve actually received it and have tested it for some time so I’ll know what I’m talking about. They closed the Lush store in my city, apparently it wasn’t popular enough (weird!) so now I have to order it from the capital city. But hey, at least they’re still there!
The cuticle oil I’m using right now is not bad but I think it’s just not moisturizing enough for my banged up skin. It’s a local brand that makes all natural products, JOIK. If you’re interested for whatever reason, their site is here – JOIK. They do seem to ship worldwide if you’re into kind of indie cosmetics. I haven’t tried anything else from them but people do praise their products. While the cuticle oil isn’t enough for me, it works great on my kid and it smells fantastic!
And that’s it for now for my girly outbursts! 🙂