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So today I finally had time to repaint my nails. Which I totally dinged up ofcourse. But anyway thought I’d show this beautiful nail polish. Since my trusty computer is having her health check, I’m stuck on my tiny screen laptop and I can’t really see what I’m doing here color- or otherwise. So I only hope these pictures turned out okay. And that’s also why there are no watermarks, I don’t have Photoshop on this laptop.
Anyway today is a duochrome day! I remember the last coming of duochromes when I was around 13 and oddly enough back then they came along with shatters. Last year, duochromes sprung up again bigtime and what do you know, so did shatters. For some odd reason shatters are so 1998 to me but duochromes are always good πŸ˜€ So I didn’t go for shatters this time around. Duochromes however.. yes please!
So this is Nubar Iris Dust:

This is a wonderful duochrome, flashing from sort of fuchsia-ish purplish to gold and even greenish shades. The duochrome is very strong, in fact it makes painting the nails a bit crazy because at a certain angle it’s hard to see what you’re doing πŸ˜€
The formula is awesome, it’s a 3-free polish like all Nubars and no streaks, no pooling, nothing. The only meh point for me about Nubar is that their brushes are quite thin so it’s a bit of a hassle to apply the polish. Guess I’m spoiled by the awesome wide brushes that OPI gives us.
Anyway more pictures! This is the fuchsia shade, it’s the main shade, this is what you’ll see in the shadow, a jewel toned fuchsia-purple goodness:

And this is what it flashes to:

Now Nubar is a lover of duochromes, they make a lot of them. I also own Sun Gold and Moon Eclipse which is supposedly a rename from the earlier Moon Shadow. I badly want Peacock Feathers but it’s discontinued and hard to find at a reasonable price. Anyway at this point I want to talk about Moon Eclipse and here’s why:

Can you tell the difference? πŸ˜› As a spoiler, there is a difference but it’s quite subtle. Iris Dust is on the left, Moon Eclipse on the right. Moon Eclipse is more purple then Iris Dust though it’s not too apparent. Where Iris Dust has fuchsia, Moon Eclipse has a more purple tone. If someone wants, I can do a comparison on the nails as well, just didn’t think of this before painting my nails today.
Anyway what I was trying to say with that was that if you want one of them, you’re perfectly good with choosing just one since they’re very similar. I’d actually go with Moon Eclipse since I like its purple tone better πŸ™‚
You can get Nubar online mostly, I don’t think they’re widely available in stores somewhere. Maybe in certain salons. Their price point is pretty same as OPI and the same high quality. Endurance of these is awesome. I work with my hands and so it’s pretty hard to keep a nail polish on for long but these usually last me 4-5 days. And then it doesn’t chip, by that point the tip wear just drives me nuts πŸ˜›