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So since I managed to bang up my yesterdays nail polish before it dried, I went on another attempt today. I just hate looking at my dented (or chipped) nails šŸ˜›
Today I decided to try out another Nubar duochrome that I got along with the Moon Eclipse and Iris Dust. This one is called Sun Gold.

In the bottle this looks more then promising. Just my kind of gold with a pinkish duochrome. On the nails however…

Yeah… Well it is indeed a gold-pink duochrome but it’s quite streaky. Which for me is a real no-no. Otherwise a nice color, interesting duochrome and quite opaque, two coats whereas Iris Dust needs three. But yes, since the streaks bothered me, I picked this up from my nail polish box:

This is Nubar Gilded Gold and it’s a really interesting polish. It can go opaque in three layers but I used just one to create a bit of interest (and diversion from streaks). It’s surprisingly quite matte without a topcoat and I actually really like the matte look as well. But I’m still trying to decide whether or not I like the Nubar Diamont top coat so I went with glossy this time:

Yep, MUCH better!
Overall orange gold seems to be problematic no matter the brand. For example China Glaze has an awesome orange, I think it was called Cruisin’ and that was a complete streaky nightmare as well. Which made me rethink China Glaze but I am giving it another chance! I’ll write about that once the polishes actually get here. But yes, I am glad I didn’t just get this from Nubar, I would probably be a bit uh hum about the whole brand just as I was with China Glaze. But owning quite a few Nubars, this is the only streaky one I have.
I think tomorrow or on Thursday I’ll talk about hand creams and stuff a bit šŸ™‚ Just cause I’m excited about some things šŸ™‚
I hope I get my computer back soon. She turned out to be fine, they just cleaned her up since the dust was making life hard for the ventilator. So hopefully tomorrow she’ll be back home and I won’t be working blind on the pictures šŸ˜€ The laptop shows colors and lightness wrong.