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First I want to share a great hand cream that I discovered for myself – Hand Food by Soap&Glory. I wash my hands a lot and can’t really use creams during the day, simply because I craft and I can’t have any residue on the items. So until now I only used the Body Shop hemp hand cream during the night which helped some but my hands were still dry and achy during the day, specially now that it’s winter. I’ve tried countless hand creams to fix it but they all absorb really slowly and I’d rather be working then waiting. So in my last desperate attempt, I bought the Hand Food, thinking that if nothing else, at least my kid will like the scent of this better then the hemp one. But what do you know! It really is an awesome hand cream! I wouldn’t say it’s the most astonishing one but it’s definitely good, absorbs quickly, moisturizes and smells really nice. I’d like it to be a tad bit more moisturizing but for a cream that absorbs this fast, I don’t think that’s a realistic wish. In any case, this is a savior for me, a definite keeper and a repurchase!
And here’s the pretty girly pink tube:

Now, lets talk about nail polish. I’m in a bizarre mood lately so I change nail polish way more often then I would normally, no color seems to satisfy me for long. Todays polish is Designer… De Better by OPI from the Muppets collection:

This is a really interesting silver foil. It’s not completely silver, the base has a teensy slight hint of lavender if my eyes aren’t deceiving me and also the shimmer particles are silver AND orange! Look:

This is just awesome! I love silver foils and I specially love silver foils with a slight twist. This definitely has the twist to make me happy. I do admit silver isn’t really the best color for my coloring but hey, who cares, it’s too awesome not to wear!

This is three layers, two was opaque but even with my short nails I don’t like to see the nail line. Ahh I can’t wait for my nails to grow longer again! But anyway, application was good, this gave me no trouble and it dried quite quickly.
I don’t have any other Muppets polishes, I do kind of want the Warm&Fozzie one but I can’t justify yet another bronze one šŸ˜› Ah well! Then again, I can’t really justify 80% of my nail polishes šŸ˜€
I decided to not watermark my photos afterall. People who steal photos will steal them regardless of the watermarks and honestly, I just prefer the cleaner and uncluttered look more.