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I had this idea and just had to see how it works so I took off the Designer… De Better and went about creating this. The end result isn’t perfect but hey, I’ll do it better next time!
I was so into it that I forgot to take progress pictures, will do so next time, promise!
So I started with Nubar Avant-Garde which is a very interesting suede-finish russet color. A tip with that though – it dries SO fast that do not attempt keeping your layers thin, that is a road to failure. Don’t be afraid to load your brush and put on thick layers. So two layers of Avant-Garde though you could possibly get away with just one, I just messed up the first layer since I forgot about the thin layer trouble.
Then I went in and sponged two layers of OPI Black Onyx (which is just your regular black creme) on the tips and did a final Avant-Garde sponging on top of it to make it blend a bit better. And then a glossy top coat and ta dah!
This is the end result:

When my partner saw it, he asked me where I got this awesome vampire duochrome 😀 The light wasn’t as bright so the tips barely appeared darker. So from this, the name of this look 😛
I think next time I’ll try out a design inspired by the snow, I can’t wait to try it! Have to keep this on for few days though, my nails don’t like nail polish remover too much, they start to do weird things they normally don’t do. But in the meanwhile I have a post planned about base and top coats so stay tuned!