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Today lets do some nail art! 🙂 This is, oddly enough, inspired by the winter. Since I don’t have a video camera, I’ll be trying to explain this with words and pictures. If you find yourself stuck in any of the steps, go to Youtube and search for help, there are TONS of tutorials on pretty much anything on Youtube (seriously, including how to open jars :D).
This is the end result (excuse it being messy, after I had cleaned it up, it was already too dark for pictures):

What I used:
* OPI Black Onyx
* Nubar Absolute
* OPI Alpine Snow
* Essie Pure Pearlfection
* Makeup sponge
* Dotting tool
* Kongregate games to keep me entertained while the various stages dry 😛

Step 1:
First of all, before step 1, apply your base coat of choice. Then decide whether you want to do this step at all 😀 The easiest color choices for this one are black or white, depending on whether you’re going for a look with darkened or lightened tips. If your main color is going to be dark and you want it to darken, then do the main color first and THEN come back to step 1 because if you cover black with a dark color, it won’t show. The same goes for thicker polishes. If your polish isn’t to the sheer side, then do main color first and then this.
So. Once you have decided what colors you’re going to use and if you’re going to do this step at all, whip out your sponge. In theory you can probably do this with any sponge, makeup sponges are just smoother, with better control and provide a less gritty look. Though I bet if you do this with a kitchen sponge, the end result might be quite interesting! Or disastrous 😀
Give the sponge a tiny lick of paint with the brush and get to sponging on your nail! This part is probably going to be crazy messy, don’t worry about it, you can clean it up later.
I did three gradual layers of sponging with OPI Black Onyx, starting from the middle of my nail and the two following layers concentrated towards the tips.
Important part with this: wait until your sponged layers dry! Don’t start sponging away on a wet layer, you’ll just pull the color up that you already put down. Luckily the sponged paint is a thin layer and dries quickly (yay, take THAT, tower defence level 17).
This is what you should end up with and also how I hold the sponge:

Step 2:
Once you’ve successfully conquered the sponging and cleaned up the resulting mess (though you can do that in the very end too, I just like to clean up as I go along to see what I’m doing), lets paint the nails with the main color!
Again, do know the nature of the paint you’re using because if it’s thick, it will cover up your sponging and make all that happy mess you just went through totally pointless.
Here’s how my progress looks after this step, I used one layer of Nubar Absolute for that wintery blue look:

Step 3:
Now it’s the fun part! Dotting! Yay! If you don’t have a dotting tool, don’t fret! You can just as well dot with tooth picks, the ends of bobby pins, anything will do. Or you can skip the dots if you’re not a polkadot maniac like I am. If you want dotting tools but don’t have them, they’re really cheap on Ebay. If you like dots, it’s a good investment. Dotting tools are also good for drawing stuff on the nails so there’s that use as well.
If you’re by some weird coincidence using Nubar Absolute (or any other color from the Prisms collection), then if you skip the polka dots, I suggest doing two layers of the color instead of one because the dots pull attention from the dual-toned look and thus I left it stronger then I would if it was left alone after that.
I used OPI Alpine Snow to make the nice snowy dots in a relatively random fashion. I did dots in two sizes, smaller ones towards the cuticle, bigger ones towards the tip. But you can do these however you want. You can do tons of teensy ones or all uniform or however you please. And ofcourse, you can make them neon yellow if you so wish 🙂
This is what my dots look like:

Step 4:
This is also completely optional. Once the polkadots are completely dry, use a sparkle coat. If you do this too quickly, the sparkle will mess up your dots. I used Essie Pure Pearlfection for subtle sparkle, to give the dots some shine. The difference is subtle but to me it was worth the extra waiting time.
This is what it looks like with a bit of sparkle:

And as the last step, add a top coat of your choice, clean up whatever mess you made and you’re done! Enjoy your Funky Winter nails 🙂

If you have any questions, comments, want to show me what you did with this or just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me: kirikadawn@gmail.com. Hope you all have a wonderful day!