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I’m still not done with polkadots 😀

This is China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve with China Glaze Icicle used for dots. Just look at that blue! It’s saturated, inky, deep beautiful blue with loads of dimension, instant love!
China Glaze surprised me pleasantly on this one. As I said in one of my previous posts, I was prejudiced about CG because I’ve owned three before and they were the worst nail polishes I’ve ever had. But since I did some research and found that I had the misfortune to choose the most bleh ones when it comes to quality, I decided to try again. And I’m a convert, I love these!

Since the majority of this look is Blue Year’s Eve from the Holiday collection (2011), I’ll talk about that.
* Very good coverage, opaque in two layers
* No streaks or pooling or other sort of monkeybusiness
* No chipping or even tipwear so far (I’m on my third day with this manicure)
* Very nice price 🙂
* Dries forever and then some, it dented three hours after painting
* It’s addictive, already have tons more lined up in my wishlist 😀

All in all, I can’t wait for the Colours From The Capitol collection to be released to the general public (read: me), now I’m not hesitant about them at all! I’m so running for Stone Cold and Harvest Moon. And quite likely Agro and Riveting as well. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Google the collection if you’re not worried for your wallet 😀

I’m going to be a little slower posting for a little while, life became a bit busy, tons of work to do 🙂 So I think for a while, two posts a week sounds like a plan!
Hope you’re all having a great day!