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I wanted to do something different this time for a change so I figured I’d write about Rich products which I’ve been using for about two months now and I’m just such a fangirl at this point that I want to share 🙂
Rich hair care products are pretty new. They are available through various online stores and also:
Finland – Glo Hair Salons, Tallink
Estonia – Salon+, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, I.L.U, Tallink
Latvia – Salon+, Stockmann, Douglas, Kristiana, Tallink
Lithuania – Salon+, Kristiana

So with that aside, these are the products I’ve been using (picture courtesy to Rich, these are official pictures):

First of all, the Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture shampoo. This is a really nice shampoo, lathers very well and cleans without stripping hair color. I dye my hair red and red is a really picky color when it comes to washing it. This shampoo keeps my red intact which is a huge plus. It also cleans very well. I wash my hair twice a week because I simply don’t need to do it more often and this doesn’t cause me to need to wash more often which is a big plus.
The scent is reminiscent of salons, it’s not a fruity or a sweet smell, it’s one of those really hard to describe ones. I like it a lot, I’m not one for sweet smelling hair.

After shampooing I use the Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair treatment. You’re supposed to keep it in your hair for at least 3 minutes. I usually start with shampooing, then put on the treatment, put my hair up with a claw clip, go about my business in the shower and finish with rinsing this off and conditioning my hair so on average I keep it on for about 10 minutes.
This is a really interesting product. After rinsing it off, it doesn’t seem like much has changed but after conditioning you really get the full effect. I have skipped the treatment and with just conditioning, the end result is never as brilliant as with using this. I get baby soft hair with this which is a small miracle with my thick coarse hair.

And the last product I use is the Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture conditioner. This makes my hair super soft and silky without leaving any residue or weighing my hair down. The result with this is better then with any of my previous hair care products, even the ones where I’ve used a mask and then a conditioner, with this, my hair is still softer and prettier. Amazing!

The whole range is bigger then this, this is just what I have tried. As a leave-in treatment I use the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum which lasts forever so I haven’t had the need to try out new leave-in products but I definitely do want to try the Rich ones at some point, specially the intense repair leave-in treatment.

These come in 250 ml sizes and also big 750 ml pump bottles which are much more economical to buy. I’m still finishing up my first 250 ml bottles and have purchased a duo of 750 ml ones. I thought I was buying a duo of shampoo and conditioner but later discovered I apparently can’t read since I grabbed the duo of shampoo and treatment instead (which for some reason was stuck into the pile with shampoo-conditioner duos). It’s a bit of a bummer since now I need to find a 750 ml conditioner somewhere alone and also because I use less of the treatment then I do of the shampoo and conditioner so while my shampoo and conditioner 250 ml ones are almost out, I still have over half of the bottle remaining of the treatment.
Which leads me to the only con I could come up with – the bottles look exactly the same. So you have to double check what you’re buying just in case (as in… read :D) and since I am blind as a bat without my glasses, it’s a tad inconvenient in the shower to try to read the texts to figure out what I’m about to use.
And that’s all the cons there are. The pros list is longer then the way to the moon. I’ve tried Tigi, Goldwell, Wella and most of the cheap drugstore shampoos and nothing, nothing comes close to this line. My hair feels nicer then it has ever felt. The only problem I still have is my dry scalp which this line doesn’t help but it doesn’t make it worse either so I’m all good with that.

So as a conclusion – THUMBS UP!

Rich hair care products home page – go see if this got you interested 🙂