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Back to nails for a second here, today I wanted to do something that’s warm and simple. And when I think of warm, I think brown. Zoya Cheryl is the most perfect brown I’ve found, it’s exactly my cup of tea. The sun is dotted in with Nubar Sun Gold.

Now, about Zoya Cheryl…
* No streaks
* Perfect brown
* 3-free
* Pretty bottle

* Incredibly uncomfortable brush. To me it’s just… meh. The brush is quite thin, a tad thicker then China Glaze brushes (or so it seems to me) but the main problem I have is that the brush is very very short. Both the bristles and the brush handle are short so it’s like painting with a mini brush. I didn’t find this easy to handle at all.
* Not available anywhere near me so tricky to get. Easy to get in USA though.

Overall I love the color and the formula so a definite thumbs up from me.

I also got the Essie Good To Go and I’m using it on this manicure. So far what I can tell is that it gives the most glorious shine ever and is easy to use and does dry quickly as it promises. Also no shrinkage! And no smearing of the dots. Pure awesome. We’ll see about how well it wears, this is only my first use 🙂