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Switching it up a bit again today 🙂 I wanted to talk about the limited edition Valentines day line from the Body Shop – Chocomania. I was all over it the moment it hit the store and I’m not a rabid Body Shop fan so this says a lot. I initially wanted to buy the shower cream and the body lotion but since there was a promotion in the store that if you buy over a certain amount, you can buy hand cream 50% off and the certain amount came together exactly with the body butter, I went for that instead (since I am a huge fan of the Body Shop hemp hand cream and wanted to stock up).
Anyway, on to the stuffs! Using official pictures so all credit for them go to the Body Shop (my own don’t look as presentable after two weeks of rigorous use :D):

First up, the Chocomania shower cream. I bought this at the height of the cold wave and let me tell you, this is an awesome shower cream when it’s really freezing (as in -30 Celsius and below). It smells warm, provides excellent amounts of lather and isn’t drying at all. It doesn’t leave much of the scent behind after the shower which I think is a great plus. I love the aromatherapy effect in the shower but not necessarily after, at least not always. I have stuck with the Body Shop when it comes to shower gels and creams and this is definitely not a disappointment. The only thing I would have liked to see is a bigger bottle. Overall this is definitely the best for cold weather as the grapefruit shower gel is the best for warm weather in my book.
Thumbs up!

Second, the Chocomania body butter. First of all, let me just say I’ve never been a big fan of body butters. I generally find them hard to spread and I get bored before I’ve buttered up half of my body. This is a different story, it just melts into my skin and leaves it nice and soft. Makes me rethink the whole no-body-butter thing. However. While the smell in the pot is nice (not all that chocolate-y, more like cocoa), I can’t say I love it on me much. The first sniffs after putting it on are nice but it gets nauseating fast. That’s a personal thing though. The smell doesn’t change, it’s just that there’s so much of it! And I’m not particularly liking that my bed smells of it for days afterward. So with this I’d say it made me fall in love with body butter but I will definitely try to find a less intense smelling one.

Overall I think if you like chocolate-y smelling body products, you should definitely check this line out before it leaves the store. And if you have suggestions on which scent (or some other brand entirely) I should check out while looking for a body butter that’s less offensive smelling and spreads nicely, do please leave a comment or e-mail me – kirikadawn@gmail.com.

Take care and see you very soon with a new manicure! 🙂