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I pretty much died when I saw this collection (Legend) and I knew I had to have at least some of them. Sadly my wallet allowed for only one. For now 😀 So I went with Dragon which is a green holo.
The bottle looks like this:

It’s slightly smaller then the usual 15ml bottles, this is 13ml. I like the bottle design and I just love their logo.
On the nails in daylight:

It’s truly gorgeous! The green is exactly the color I think of when I think of green dragons. It’s simply amazing. My picture doesn’t do it justice, I couldn’t capture the subtle gold flash and just how awesome it is. You really do have to see it in person!

* Incredibly beautiful green
* Amazing formula – like truly. It had almost full coverage with one coat, no streaking, bubbling or anything and dries quickly. It’s the best formula I’ve painted with in a while and I’m not exaggerating.
* Beautiful bottle
* Not hard to get

* Er… So amazing that it makes me stare at my nails too much? 😛

Overall, this is a wonderfully brilliant polish. Thumbs up!

The entire Legend collection looks like this (picture credit to a-england):

I definitely need Ascalon (second from the right). And Bridal Veil and… well okay I need them all! 😀

You can get the Legend collection from their website, they cost 9£ and have free worldwide shipping. a-england website.