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So after picking up Orly Space Cadet countless times when deciding what to wear next and putting it back, I decided enough is enough, must try it out! Space Cadet is a real interesting duochrome where the color comes from particles, the base of it is sheer and kind of greenish. The particles are what give it color. Or colors that is.

The bottle looks like this:

I must say I really like the rubber handle, very comfy!
On the nails indoors, 3 coats:

And in daylight to show the duochrome effect:

* Very interesting color
* Dries relatively quickly
* Rubber handle, decent brush

* Tricky to apply, leaves patches of no particles and just the sheer greenish part
* Takes 3 thick coats to get it opaque and thanks to the patches, some parts stay a bit to the sheer side

All in all, it’s a great polish but I’d probably wear it over black creme next time to make things a bit easier for myself.

But! What’s space without stars and shiny stuff? Wondering that, I pulled this out (and quite apparently forgot to dust it off :D):

This is China Glaze Bad Kitty, sparklefest on a very sheer pink base. It has tons of multicolored sparkles. You could in theory wear it alone but that would take a zillion coats unless you like it sheer.
In indoors lighting over Space Cadet, 1 coat:

And a closer-up shot in the daylight:

Ahh, hard to remove glitterfest that is just a wee bit over the top – my cup of tea exactly 😀 See you all soon and feel free to comment or e-mail me (kirikadawn@gmail.com)