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Todays post is somewhat of a quick interlude if you will 😛 Tomorrow I’ll talk about nail polish storage and stuff related to that.
So I decided to fix the annoyance with the VNL and streaks on my China Glaze Cha Cha Cha manicure. In came these:

China Glaze Lighthouse on the left, Nubar Greener on the right. Lighthouse is a very sheer yellow shimmery sparkly polish. I love it for layering, on it’s own it’s too sheer for my liking. But it’s a gorgeous yellow. Nubar Greener is basically just dark green, the shiny and pretty kind.
So I cracked out my trusty sponges and went for my old favorite, the sponged tips look. And then laid down one layer of Lighthouse on top of all of it. Yes, it’s not matte anymore (tried, didn’t look too good) but I like it! Still springtime-y and wonderful 🙂

Aahh the simple pleasures of a nicely fixed manicure!
See you guys tomorrow!