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Was planning to post this yesterday but life happened. Anyway I’ve been asked about how I store and organize my polishes and let me tell you, it’s been an adventure. I started out with just keeping them on the shelf, organized to small boxes according to brand but by now I have too many for that to work. So I went on a quest to find special racks. This is by no means an easy task if you’re not in USA. Due to the weight of racks, they often don’t ship internationally and if they do, they cost an arm and a leg and the shipping will require you to sell both your kidneys. But don’t fret, there is a happy ending to this.
I wanted to find a rack that I can use on the shelf since I live in a rental and I don’t want to drill too many holes in the walls. After lots of digging and nearly giving up, I found them, the acrylic racks of awesome. First, let me show you my shelves. I do warn you, these are bad flash photos, my shelves are in the darkest place possible and I didn’t want to move the racks to a lighter place because I wanted to show you how my storage really looks. And you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

This is how I use the smaller rack that I started out with (and grew out of before it even got here :D):

Basically on this, I keep my misc nail stuff – dotting tools, cuticle oil, nail polish thinner, brushes, bits of sponges, Q-tips, buffer and my crystal file. It used to hold all my OPI polishes but everything else was still lying around. So I reorganized. The small rack has three steps, each hold 7 polishes freely (OPI, CG, you name it) so in total you can easily fit 21 bottles in there, depending on the brand you can also fit 24 if the bottles aren’t as big as OPI ones are. Essie would probably go up to 24.
And this is how the nail polish shelf looks like:

This shelf is still a work in progress, I do still need one more of those bigger racks but it’s on its way so all will be well! The rack that is there already holds all my OPI, effect polishes, top and base coats. The mess on the right is everything else, China Glaze, Zoya, Nubar etc. And some screws apparently 😀
These bigger racks are the same width as the small ones but they’re higher, they have six steps instead of three. So they hold 42 bigger bottles or 48 smaller ones.

Now these racks are sturdy, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your polish bottles. However don’t be deceived into thinking you can simply pick them up with all the polishes inside and put them in another place. First of all, that is one heavy lifting and second, just don’t. If you need to move these, take the bottles out first. They probably won’t break but better safe then sorry I’d say.

And to the most interesting bit for most of you – where did I get these. I bought them from Ebay, from Prettyinpinkorg. They also have their own site which you can find HERE. Smaller rack is 29.99$, bigger rack 44.99$. And… wait for it… FREE SHIPPING! They are located in China so shipping takes about a month to Estonia but trust me, this is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get them around these parts of the world.
This seller is really great, I had some trouble (not caused by them) with my order and they were more then helpful. I was absolutely amazed at the lengths they went to to help me. Definitely thumbs up! So not only don’t they require all of your family, hands, feet and kidneys, they’re also super helpful and trustworthy and have no trouble with communicating in English. I definitely recommend checking them out! Their store has other things as well, it’s not just the racks. They have all kinds of stuff related to nails and other things as well.
I’ll also put their links in the love links page (which you can find above the banner) so you can always come back and easily find it.

You could of course build yourself one of those DYI racks that people make on Youtube, the foam board ones. But honestly, considering just how heavy these bottles are, I really wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re out of the “normal” person league with the amount of polishes, you really might want to consider investing into their safe storage. Whether it be these acrylic stands or a wall rack, whatever suits your needs better.

So this is how I organize my nail polishes. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me: kirikadawn@gmail.com