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Hoping for something highly unlikely feels chilly and desperate, yet it’s still interlaced with the fierce irrational desire that maybe, against all odds, maybe, just maybe, this will happen.
That is the inspiration for todays manicure and layering experiment.
This is what the result looks like in daylight:

And indoors lighting:

So what I did here was that I started off with two layers of China Glaze Pelican Gray (which for full opacity could use three layers if you’re leaving it as is). Then added a layer of China Glaze Luxe And Lush from the new Capitol Colours collection, this is a flakie with quite big irregular chunks, it’s fantastic. Don’t treat it as a regular nail polish when applying, go for dabbing it on instead to places you want the flakes to go to. Once that was done, I added the final layer, China Glaze White Cap. And the result is cold and hot at the same time, being a cool gray with fiery flakies muted by the layer of sheer white shimmery jelly. A layering success!

All three polishes I used were very nice. The Pelican Gray does want to be a little streaky but a third layer might have fixed that. A tip for layering: when you layer, don’t make the layers too thick and try to cut back on the number of them. The thicker your polish is at the end, the easier it will chip. So try to avoid manicures with like 10 layers, that is just a waste of time because it will chip super quickly.

I’ll see you all on Friday when I have another review for you, this time on some interesting Rich products 🙂 And on Saturday or Sunday, another manicure! So stay tuned 🙂