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I wanted to try out the newspaper nails for which I saw a tutorial on Youtube (I’ll put it down below if you’re interested). Here’s my result:

I started out with a yellow base, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. It was dreadful. If someone can tell me why oh why is yellow always so streaky and moody, please do enlighten me! Okay so I did three coats of that to make it even slightly even. Initially I wanted to do this with a Korean newspaper that I had stashed away (came with a package once) but it was too old and the print didn’t come off anymore. So went with Estonian newspaper. A thing to note though – the print will be mirrored. So be prepared. And since it simply refused to stick to my pinky, I painted that black. The bad news finger 😀 Anyway on the print nails I added a glaze of Essie Pure Pearlfection and also a dab of China Glaze Fairy Dust. I’m pretty happy with the result. The only thing is that you have to be reaaaally patient when doing this, it’s actually best if you paint your nails on one day and go with the print on the next day to avoid being impatient and starting too early, the paint has to be completely dry before you attack it.
And here’s the video tutorial from YT by Cutepolish:

If you find this interesting but don’t have rubbing alcohol, there are tutorials on no-alcohol versions as well 🙂

Next week is going to be fun and I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Hope you’re all having a fantastic Sunday with pancakes and all that fun stuff!