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LemonCitrus is one of my all-time favorite Etsy stores, I found them when they were still called Hearts and Bows and been trying to reign myself in from regular shopping ever since. I have shamefully many of their lip balms so I wanted to tell you all about them. I’ve bought way more but by now every female relative I have has at least two 😀 These are handmade and their ingredients list says: cocoa butter, shea butter, candelillia wax, avocado oil, fragrance oil and essential oils. So safe for vegans as well. No parabens or anything weird.

So this is what they look like:

The older packaging is on the left, the round ones. It’s the same butter, just different packaging. The scents of these are amazing! They’re amazingly real and yummy, I’ve had only a few that didn’t make me somersault of pure joy but they found happy owners. I do play favorites and the one that gets the most use is the Chocolate Banana which I’ve almost used up, there’s about a cm left of it. But I do use the other ones quite a lot as well since scents and colors that I like are dependent on my mood. My kid owns a few as well and her favorite is Cotton Candy which smells exactly like the real thing.
I won’t go into detail on each scent here, trust me when I say, these here smell real. Since I’ve bought at least thrice as much, I have found one or two that don’t smell perfectly real but those are extremely rare.

This is what the old and new one look like without their caps:

The only difference is the shape, that’s all.

* Vegan, lots of nice stuff in the ingredients
* Moisturizes very well
* Smells heavenly
* Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
* Very friendly and nice service
* Doesn’t taste like anything much which is good because then you won’t eat it off your lips
* The scent doesn’t fade
* They have subtler and more unisex scents as well (for instance green tea)

* Addictive, get one, want them all 😛

LemonCitrus also has perfume oils, soaps, lip tints and body creams. I’ve also tried the lip tint and perfume oil samples and might try out the body creams (though by this point I am way too crazy about House of Gloi to cheat on them :P). The service is really nice, friendly and helpful. When I’ve ordered, I’ve also gotten samples with my order and with bigger orders extra lip balm. I love when sellers do that, definitely a big plus in my eyes.

So do go check their store out! LemonCitrus on Etsy. This link will also go into the link list page that you can find above the banner so you can easily get it later too without having to search through my archives for it.