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Todays manicure begun with the polish that started it all for me – OPI Rising Star. It’s the one that got me hooked to quality nail polish for good. It’s the most gorgeous gold ever, in the daylight it looks pretty subtle, in the lamplight it starts shimmering and turns into this mesmerizing goddess of nail polish. I tried to get you a picture of how it looks in the lamplight but all I got was a fuzzy unfocused mess.
This is the finished manicure:

So how it was done – first I did two layers of OPI Rising Star. It’s actually a three coater but since I planned to do the tips a different color, I went with just two. The juicy tilted part is done with China Glaze Ruby Pumps which is an amazing red, it’s shimmery and looks juicy and liquid even when it’s dry. Definitely my favorite red ever. I have seriously unsteady hands with such straight lines so if you suffer the same fate, don’t fret! These weren’t done freehand, I used regular tape as a guide. Basically all you do is you paint your nails and let them dry completely, best if overnight so you don’t get all crazy anxious and try to continue with it too soon. Then cut up the tape into ten pieces and stick them on your hand, you want them to be a little less sticky then they are straight off the bat, otherwise you’ll get a ton of glue residue on your base color and it will be harder to use then it needs to be. Then tape all your nails, covering the part where you want the base color to show, in this case the tape was placed diagonally over the cuticle side of the nails. Then paint the tips one nail at a time, removing the tape slowly and steadily as you go. You don’t want the polish to dry before peeling off the tape or else the tape will pull up that fresh paint job and you’ll still end up with jagged edges. Tweezers are a great help here. You can do all sorts of shapes and layerings with tape, this is just a really simple example 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this little nail look of the day and I’ll see you all on Friday!