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So I started this manicure being tired of colors and glitter, figuring that I’ll just do a basic manicure with China Glaze Knotty. Well… no such luck 😀 After painting two layers, I looked at it and thought, hey, this could use some glitter on the tips! Yeaah and the rest followed as always.

This started with two layers of the aforementioned China Glaze Knotty which is a gorgeous nude jelly shimmer (and quite sheer at that). Then I added China Glaze Techno to the tips and covered the entire thing with China Glaze White Cap. Yees. So as always, I try to do something simple and non-glittery and this is what I end up with. I totally need a facepalm emoticon right now 😀

On other news, a-england is having a sale! I so wanted the Lady of the Lake but it was sold out. Bummer! But do check it out on their website! Their nail polishes are just pure awesome, I love their formula. I hope the others are as good as Dragon is, that one is hands down the best nail polish I have when it comes to formula. And hey, free shipping doesn’t hurt! 🙂