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This is long overdue, I wanted to do this ages ago, after I showed you Nubar Iris Dust. First of all, I have to take my words back, I said they’re very similar and on swatches and in bottles they are. However on nails it’s a whole other story which surprised me.
The bottles:

Iris Dust on the left, Moon Eclipse on the right. They’re pretty impossible to tell apart in the bottle. On the nail wheel swatches Iris Dust looks slightly more pink and Moon Eclipse slightly more purple. But they’re very close. However this is what happens when they’re on the nails:

Iris Dust on middle and pinky finger, Moon Eclipse on index and ring finger. See, they’re very different. And yes, I cut my nails, I broke one while dealing with some repairs in my bathroom 😀 Anyway Iris Dust is definitely fuchsia based and Moon Eclipse is most certainly purple. They are similar in the sense that they go very well together but yes, you can need them both with good cause and not worry that you’re getting two of the same with microscopic differences.
The duochrome in them:

The tipwear isn’t actually tipwear, for some odd reason Essie’s Good To Go shrunk the entire thing. This hasn’t happened with any of the other polish brands I’ve tried it on. It’s seriously odd. But yes, that was a fresh paint job. So when using Nubar, I’d suggest using another top coat to be on the safe side. There’s little that’s more annoying then shrinkage when it comes to painting your nails.

Hope this comparison helps! And see you on Friday!

As an afternote, I’ll leave you with a last picture of my long nails, wearing China Glaze For Audrey (so unbearably unglittery and calm manicure :D):