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Hello all! Today I’ll share my thoughts on the Goat Milk Stuff soaps. First of all, I usually buy organic soap locally, whenever possible, I tend to prefer local items. But my hands are a constant issue for me, since I craft, I wash my hands a LOT. And that means dry achy hands. No soap has ever been nice to my skin. Soap is soap I guess. And water is water. Anyway I’ve heard about goat milk being a good ingredient for people like me so I decided to give Goat Milk Stuff a go.

I’ll start by showing you what the travel sizes look like:

I got a bunch because I’m picky about scents and I had to go with a variety to find something I surely like. This pile here contains Almond, Black Raspberry, Cool Citrus Basil, Mimosa Mandarin, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Pink Sugary and as sample bits Cedarwood Shaving, Evergreen and Pomegranate Lemonade. So far I like Black Raspberry, Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving the best. The bits aren’t very big, the travel size fits into your palm but experience shows, this size will still last a while. The samples are very tiny bits but they’re free so they’re good for scouting some scents out (you get to choose 3 samples with your order).
So did they live up to the expectations? Yes. My hands are still dry after washing but they’re a lot better then with other soaps, they don’t hurt and the skin doesn’t feel like an elephants hind leg. So definitely a good product for me. The scents are rather strong which I enjoy but some of you may not. I love that the scent lingers on the skin as well. So in conclusion…

* Very good for extremely dry skin
* Longlasting yummy scents
* Not the most expensive soap there is
* Small family business (that is always a good choice, that usually brings passion and care into play a lot more then with big companies)
* Quick shipping

* I bought the travel size as mentioned and when I opened the envelope, I was surprised to see that all the soaps were just stuck to the envelope. I mean no wrapping or anything. It’s not a critical flaw by no means, I would have preferred some wrapping, maybe just tissue paper or something (and maybe even label the scents). This way the soaps had crumbled a tiny bit and they were all over each other, stuck together, crumbs everywhere and yeah, it looked like a mess really. But I stress again – this is not a critical flaw and wouldn’t stop me from buying again.

So yes, I would definitely recommend trying these! They have all sorts of products, not just soap. I was tempted to get so much more but I’m on a budget here πŸ˜€ From me, a thumbs up! Go check out their website – Goat Milk Stuff. This link will also go to the love list (above the banner) for easier finding later πŸ™‚

See you guys on Sunday and happy Easter!