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Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday with no blue shades to it šŸ˜€
Today I thought I’d talk about the two styling products I use. First of all, I like the feeling of clean hair so I’m not using hairspray too often or mousse or things that leave my hair crunchy or sticky. So for the longest time I thought I shouldn’t use anything. However after trying these two, I can say there’s something out there for all of us. Including those who like soft clean hair.

Lets start with Goldwell Style Sign Spun Shine:

I had to have it after my hairdresser used it on me. As you can see, it’s a jar (and excuse how it looks, it’s been in my bathroom and in use for a while). This is what I use when I’m going au naturelle. Meaning if I let my hair air dry or blow it dry but don’t go for curls or anything else. The product itself looks white and there’s a good amount of it, the jar is 100ml or 3,3 fluid ounces, whichever makes more sense to you. It’s a shine cream in essence. How to use it – you take about a pea sized amount (depends on the thickness and length of your hair), rub it between your palms until it’s liquid and then apply to your dry hair. Not only does it do a fantastic job at taming frizz, it makes hair super soft. And all that without leaving your hair heavy, sticky or crunchy (unless you put in too much!). It’s your hair but better. I can’t vouch for the shine because I dye my hair burgundy red and that tends to be quite shiny in itself. So I didn’t notice any remarkable difference in that. If you have more natural colored hair, it might show the extra shine better.
However, there is a downside – according to the staff at Feelunique, this has been discontinued. For now you can still find it here and there but once the stocks run out, it’s probably gone. The jar lasts for a long long time though so I’m still debating on whether to get a backup or not, mine has been in use for some time and I’ve barely made a dent in it. So. In short:

* No icky residue
* Tames frizz
* Makes the hair super soft
* Very generous amount
* Affordable at around 10-12ā‚¬

* Discontinued so soon hard to find

And second, the same line, Goldwell Style Sign Twist Around:

This is my new love, it’s a curl styling lotion. The liquid inside is sort of like those makeup removers where there are two liquids that you have to shake together. This is similar, the green isn’t the bottle being green, it’s the heavier liquid which likely contains oil. Anyway I don’t use heat to make curls since my hair is the sort that refuses curls of all sorts and it’s a waste of time to try to curl them with a curling iron or even hot rolls. So when I do go for curls, I usually do the heat-free overnight variations of braids, twists or whatever fancies me. However before I had constant trouble with the outcome being frizzy and still not holding well. This product is a godsend. You probably have to shake it up, it doesn’t say so on the bottle but I’m using common sense here, then spray in your hair. The hair can be damp or dry, just not soaking wet or you’ll be wasting it. It also provides heat protection up to 200 degrees Celsius so that’s good if you’re planning to use it with a curling iron or before using a diffuser with a blowdryer. Now the results on me are that though I’m using it with quite a heavy hand, there’s no icky feeling. It feels a tad bit crunchy at first but that feeling disappears after a while. And in the morning, sleek pretty curls/waves with no crazy frizz and they stay! With this I’m guaranteed to have curls until the next time I wash my hair (I don’t wash daily, I have a dry scalp so I don’t need to and should not wash more often then twice a week). Granted, the curls look best on day one but they’re still there on day two and three as well.
This comes in a 150ml spray bottle which I’d say is decent but I’d probably like a bigger bottle since I do use it in such crazy amounts because of my thick hair so I’ll need a new one sooner then I’d like.

* Heat protection up to 200C
* No-frizz curls
* Incredible hold with overnight no heat styling
* No crunch, goo or yuck
* Love the bottle, the spray is really nice to handle and use, some spraying mechanisms are kind of meh, this is very good
* Decent price, again around 11-12ā‚¬

* Pretty small bottle for the long run and no bigger bottle available. I’d definitely buy it in a twice as large bottle if I’d have that option.

Overall, I am loving Goldwell for styling products now! I’ve used their shampoos-conditioners-masks from some salon line which I can’t recall the name of and those didn’t suit my hair at all but these are very very nice. Thumbs up!

You can buy Goldwell in stores that sell salon products or online, for instance Feelunique and Cheapsmells stock Goldwell. Those are both UK stores so if you’re in USA, Feelunique has free worldwide shipping so that’s probably a better option of the two but compare the prices and decide for yourself or find a US store instead.

NB! Cheapsmells currently has an offer where if you buy a Goldwell product, you can get a free toiletry bag if you enter the code GoldwellBag when checking out. They don’t have Spun Shine but I think they did have the Twist Around liquid.

See you guys on Wednesday with another manicure! I’m going to be testing out OPI La Boheme on black as suggested by a commenter šŸ™‚ We’ll see if that shows the duochrome in my dud a little better or not! Fingers crossed!