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As you might know from my previous post on OPI La Boheme, I have a dud. It shows no remarkable shift whatsoever and I’ve looked at it at all angles, all kinds of light and.. yeah. So here is the dud alone as it was in the last post:

This time I wanted to see if I can make it a wee bit more like it should be by layering it over black. It’s a good trick for duochromes that aren’t all that willing to show their flashy nature. And what do you know, it does make my dud a bit better! Not completely but what I noticed was that even though it’s still pretty reluctant to shift, it does look remarkably different in different lighting conditions. It goes from almost purple to almost brown, depending on the light. And this time I did manage to capture a bit of a color shift for you on camera as well.
Anyway this is La Boheme dud layered on black, indoors light:

And this is the shift in daylight, it’s the only way it shows any shift at all:

Overall I really do love it on black, it makes the color deeper and prettier. On a swatch board I did attempt to layer it over gold to see if that makes the amber pop out more but nah, at least on the nail wheel it had no effect at all. Just made the color a teensy bit warmer.

So that’s OPI La Boheme dud for you! See you guys on Friday and hope you’re all having a fantabulous Wednesday! 🙂