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JOIK is an interesting Estonian brand which makes skincare items and candles. They have quite a wide selection of 100% natural products. And before we go any further, they do ship abroad! So what I use from their range… (all pictures are their official pics)

First up, deep moisturizing hand & foot salve with emu oil (emuõliga salv):

This stuff is amazing! It’s a heavyweight champion when it comes to healing extremely dry skin. I use it mainly on my feet because I have irritated red flaky patches there. But it’s also great for elbows, cuticles, you name it. In fact once I’ve run out of Lemony Flutter from Lush, I’ll be using this as a cuticle balm because it’s just much better for my crazy dry skin. It comes in a small jar but lasts a long, long, long time. This is one of their 100% natural products. The jar is 50ml and on their own site it’s 5.40€. In stores, it’s more. I bought mine from the mall and I think it was around 6-7€. Not completely sure since it’s been a while.
Ingredients: apricot kernel oil, beeswax, olive oil, emu oil, shea butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, red palm oil, tea tree-, lavender- and lemongrass essential oils.

* Crazy moisturizing
* Smells nice (lemongrass scent)
* Not mindblowingly expensive
* 100% natural
* Multiple uses, can even moisturize lips with this

* Takes a long time to properly sink in so it’s not something to use in the morning. Use this before going to bed!

Second item I’ve mentioned before, it’s their cuticle oil (küüneõli):

This is another 100% natural one. I really like it, it has an amazing apricot scent. However for my skin, it’s not enough moisture. So if you don’t have crazy dry cuticles and oils suit you, this would be a really good option since it contains nothing dodgy. And! It contains neem oil which is a wonderful component because it strengthens nails and fights bacteria. On their site this is 4.20€ and it’s 10ml.
Ingredients: apricot kernel oil, aloe oil, safflower oil, quinoa oil, neem oil, lemongrass and tea tree essential oils.

* 100% natural
* Convenient roll-on applicator
* Neem oil!
* Again, reasonable price

* Not moisturizing enough for very dry cuticles

And last, their candles (küünlad):

These are soywax candles with cotton wicks which means that not only do they burn longer then their non-soywax counterparts, they’re also non-toxic. The oils they use for the fragrances are high quality and the scents are just pure amazing. I love scented candles so I’ve tried a lot of them. Nothing has ever come close to these. Not only do they actually give off fragrance while burning (something many candles fail to do), they smell nice when unlit as well. I currently have the Damascus Rose in my bedroom and Fresh! in my living room and it’s a journey of nice emotions to walk around here 🙂
These have a minimum of 30 hours burning time and I’d say they burn longer then that for sure. I’ve had the Damascus Rose burning for about 20 hours and I’m only halfway through it.
These are the things I’ve told everyone they can buy for me whenever there’s a need for a present, like birthdays and Christmases. One day I hope to try them all. It will be a long and expensive run but worth it! In any case, I’ll write a breakdown of the scents for you in the future when I’ve tried a few more. Right now I’ve tried I think 5 or 6.
The price of these is 5.50€ on their site and 7€ in the mall so definitely go direct. If you’re from Estonia, hey, if you get two candles, you’ve already paid less then in the mall even with shipping included. If you’re in Tallinn, they also have this deal that if you bring the empty glasses back to them, you get 30 cents off from your next candle.

* Long burning time
* Non-toxic (I have migraine and some candles provoke a migraine attack, these haven’t)
* Amazing scents
* Spread scent while burning
* Very pretty glass jars

* Pretty expensive (but so worth it!)

All in all, JOIK is definitely my most favorite local brand. Do try them out! They have all kinds of stuff, body products, facial care, things for kids, haircare, candles and so on and so forth.

Their site – JOIK (with VERY good English option). This will also go in the links above the banner for easier finding later.