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Initially I had planned to do a review for you today but then I thought, hey, lets do springtime favorites instead! This is completely random, I just pulled out everything that immediately popped into my mind with favorites. Excluding items I’ve already reviewed and also nail polish since that’d be pretty much a picture of my nail polish rack šŸ˜€
Oh and my apartment is very dark so sorry for the weird pictures, it’s near impossible to get decent pictures of anything that doesn’t fit on the window šŸ˜€

Anyway! So first up:

Valentina by Valentino – my current favorite (and I don’t change my favorites often, this is only my second signature scent in all my life, I wore Flower by Kenzo for 13 years).
A beautiful locket that I found on Ebay several years ago. And if you’re like me and wondering what’s inside someones locket, I have a strand of my daughters hair in there. Sentimental and silly but that’s me! šŸ˜€
And a silver bracelet that I got as a gift several years ago from a friend who lives far far away.

Shoes, anyone? šŸ˜€

Beautiful simple yellow wedges from SHU. My mom loved these so much that she’s in the process of buying a pair for herself as well šŸ˜€ In the process because they didn’t have her number and they’re getting a pair for her from another city. By the way, I think the customer service in SHU is nothing short of amazing! I think SHU is also in Latvia (I kind of remember spotting a sign in Riga, not 100% sure though), in addition to Estonia that is. Anyway these yellow darlings were 24ā‚¬ with the full price, I got lucky and got a decent discount since SHU often has discounts and also they have daily offers. In any case, 24ā‚¬ isn’t that bad either.

More shoes you say?

Ahhh the shoe nerd in me screamed of joy at finding these. I have thing for slightly vintage-looking shoes and these are just perfect. Again from SHU. They currently have a promotion that if you buy 2 pairs, you get a third pair for free. I happily used it to get shoes for the entire family šŸ˜€ Sorry for teasing those who aren’t in Estonia šŸ˜›
These shoes were severely marked down as well. Their original price was something ghastly, I think 57 or 59ā‚¬. I got them for way less.

Then I found this:

Or actually my mom found this in a store called Swing šŸ˜› But regardless, it’s mine! It was marked down -50% to 19,50ā‚¬. I don’t know if I would have looked at it twice if it weren’t for mom but once I tried it on, it looks fantastic. Another example that you should try things on, they may look odd on the rack but you never know how they look worn before you try them. I usually avoid trying things on because after trying on just one shirt I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, messy hair, sweaty forehead and a crazed look in my eyes šŸ˜€

And lastly, edible favorites!

Exquisa a la Mexican Tortilla is my must-have, I need to have this in my fridge at all times. I eat it with Finn Crisp original rye thingies. I just love it! I think the best way to explain what it is is that it’s similar to mascarpone, a soft cheese. Oh what a nomnom!
And then my newly found disastrous favorite – Orange Hot Chocolate. It’s disastrous because this is no Nesquik, this is actual cocoa. It’s bitter and orangey and yummy. However back to the disaster – I’m allergic to cocoa šŸ˜€ I’m just fine with Nesquik and milk chocolate but this is too much for me. And yet still it tastes way too good so it’s my favorite. Regardless of the insane nausea that follows šŸ˜€ I’m attempting to mix it with a less cocoa-y cocoa in hopes of finding the perfect ratio that still tastes orangey and awesome but doesn’t kill me.

Ahh yes, so completely random! Do share your random spring favorites! Feel free to leave a comment or do a blog post and send me a link or e-mail me (kirikadawn@gmail.com). I’m really interested in what you’re all liking right now!