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During the sale in a-england I bought Bridal Veil and Perceval. I wanted to also get Lady of the Lake and Tristam but they were out of stock. Oh well, later then! Anyway today I’ll show you Bridal Veil. I am a big fan of black and tend to wear black creme quite a bit (the only creme I love to wear) so I was really excited to try out Bridal Veil since it combines two of my huge loves – black and holo.

a-england Bridal Veil bottle:

On the nails:

My picture really doesn’t do it justice and the light was awful as well… Have a closeup:

Now before I say anything else, a-england has my heart. Dragon, Bridal Veil and Perceval are all consistent in quality and similar, there’s no monkeybusiness with any of them. They’re thick, almost one-coaters, non-streaky and generally fabulous. a-england is hands down my most favorite company of all times. Now I just wish they’d make more! While my wallet wishes they wouldn’t 😀

* No streaks, bubbles or anything funky
* Amazing coverage
* Beautiful bottles
* Love love love the holos
* Free shipping

* Totally and completely addictive and makes my previous favorite OPI look a bit bad at times :p

Overall, I’m giving this at least a 12 out of 10! 😀

Go check them out – a-england home page

See you guys on Friday!