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So since Haus of Gloi came out with their limited Spring collection, I just had to jump in and get more sample sizes! The package took its sweet time, I waited for almost a month, I guess it’s the Easter that pushed the mail to a snail speed, other packages came really slowly as well. Anyway. The good news is that the spring line is still available so I’m not going to talk about something that isn’t available anymore 🙂
You can read my first review on their pumpkin butters HERE to get more detailed information on what I think about them in general.

On to the scent breakdowns! I got two of the spring line and the rest are from their permanent collection.
This is how they look like:

Spring collection, PloughmanWell worn leather, dirt n’dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk. This is a real unisex scent. I’d drool if my man wore this. It’s leathery, smoky and to me smells a bit like mushrooms. But in a good way. It’s fabulous!
Spring collection, La FloridaA breath of fresh florals, bergamot, ylang ylang, lavender, violet leaf, rose absolute, orange blossoms, lemon zest and a touch of clove. This is a real interesting one. It’s a strong floral but not sweet, very fresh. I definitely smell violet and bergamot in it, the other scents are more subtler and have blended into one another so it’s hard to smell them separately.
DepravityClove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine. Again, a very interesting scent. It’s like incense with a drop of coconut, spicy and cool but yet warmed and sweetened by the subtle touch of coconut. Definitely worthy of its name 😀
Litchi Milk TeaTart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk. This is a sweet but fresh summery scent, you can definitely almost taste the lychees in it. I don’t detect much black tea though but in this case it’s actually good. It’s not nauseatingly sweet and would definitely suit for those who don’t like very sweet scents.
Peach MamaPeach nectar and a host of resins: offertory frankincense, styrax, copaiba balsam and ambered labdanum absolute. Warmed with cassia and a barely audible breath of black patchouli. This is a WINNER. My definite favorite, hands down. I was hesitant on buying it because I seriously don’t like peachy scents. But this! It’s fabulous! First whiff of it brought me summer, the scent of tree resin in the sun with just the tiniest hint of sweet fruit. It’s fresh, resin-y and delicious. This I will get in full size one day for sure (when I’ve finally worked through the pile of samples :D)
SatyrItalian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla. This kind of reminds me of Elevenses, it’s kind of a tan scent. It’s sweeter then Elevenses yet it’s pretty tart. It’s a very charming scent.

And since last time I’ve had the time to test the first batch out properly and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them! They’re moisturizing, smell awesome and they sink in fast. Absolute love! And ofcourse I must say a BIG bonus in my eyes is that they don’t contain any dodgy chemicals. Haus of Gloi has my heart!

Go check them out – Haus of Gloi (this link is also in the love list above the banner).

Next time, on Sunday, I’ll have you a review of this months Estonian Glambox. I just got a text that it has arrived so I’m picking it up today and will be testing everything today and tomorrow and on Sunday morning to give you the first impressions of everything included. And I already ordered the May one (just when I got the text :D) so that one will be coming in May!
Stay tuned for the next episode! 😀