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Since I haven’t had several hours at a time to do a fancy manicure, I went for an evolving manicure this time, doing just a little at a time. Hopefully this is inspiring to others with a busy schedule 🙂

Day one – I painted my nails yellow with China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. This I forgot to take a picture of 😦 Sorry!

Day two – Sponged a smooth gradient on top of the yellow with the same China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, OPI In My Back Pocket (which is orange) and OPI Big Apple Red. You can achieve a smooth gradient by painting strips of the colors on the sponge, all at once. And then pat away, the result is very smooth and much quicker then doing one color at a time. This ended up looking like this:

Day three – Went with the taping method to create gradient color stripes on a black background. The tape is from Ebay, it’s called striping tape. It’s actually meant for striping, meaning you leave it on and cover it with top coat but it won’t stay that well so it’s more useful for taping since it creates nice and thin stripes. When doing that, I suggest you use a contrasting color tape, makes it much easier to see what you’re doing. Taped (sorry for the fuzzy picture):

Then I painted my nails black with OPI Black Onyx. When doing tape striping, do one nail at a time and pull the tape off while the top layer is still wet or else it will pull off chunks of it and you won’t get smooth lines. I was in a crazy hurry by that point so mine came out a tad wonky here and there since I wasn’t doing it very carefully. But it still looks cool! So the end result:

Hope that gives you some ideas 🙂 You really don’t have to do your full manicure in one go if busy, dividing it into manageable chunks is not only a good time saver, it also gives you a different manicure every day throughout the process 😀

Have a great Wednesday everyone and see you on Friday with a review that I’m real excited about (hinthint, it’s a RICH product! :D). Mwah!