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Today I have you an overview of the RICH Pure Luxury Satin Touch Professional hairdryer. They also have hair straighteners, I think even two different versions of those. But anyway, I think it’s cool that they have their own tools as well 🙂 I’ve tested this for two weeks now so it’s about time I write about it!

This is what it looks like (official picture):

What they say about their hairdryer is that it’s ionic and thus reduces frizz and makes your hair shiny. It’s ergonomically designed with a non-slip handle. This dryer has a 3m cable which I must say I really like, my old one had a much shorter cord and it made for some awkward blowdrying. This one is much better, I don’t have to become a circus artist every time I want to dry my hair. It does indeed have a soft touch to it and doesn’t slip or slide. What surprised me was that for its size it’s actually much lighter then I expected. And also that for its 2000 watts this is a lot less noisy then my previous 1400 watt one. I was expecting it to roar like a dragon but no, it’s actually more like a luxury car, it purrs 🙂

It also comes with two nozzles:

The smaller one has a ~6cm opening and the larger one ~8cm. I guess it’s good to have the choice. For me however this is relatively pointless since I don’t use nozzles often anyway and when I do, the variety doesn’t offer much to me. I think for those who like to blow their hair straight, this is a good option though. I would have liked to see a diffuser instead of one of the nozzles since I have slight waves which I love to enhance but it doesn’t come with one. A very minor thing though.

One of my favorite features:

The 3m cord is a blessing and on the same time I was a bit uh hum about it since cords tangle and longer cords tangle even more. But then I found that it has a velcro strip attached to the cord (it doesn’t come off by itself so you won’t lose it). It’s a small detail but for me that is a very important feature. It means I get to keep my sanity when dealing with this cord 😀
Also as you can see there are three buttons on it. The uppermost one is the cold air blast and for once, this actually means cold air, not just slightly less warm. The other two regulate the temperature and the power. I really like it that you can regulate them both so in addition to the most common two settings, this can also go high power – low temperature or low power – high temperature. I found my hair likes high power – low temperature the best.
As for the claims on making my hair less frizzy and shinier, it is true if you use a nozzle. When you just blow your hair dry with no fancy business, there’s no difference in the looks of the hair. With a nozzle, the result is much better then with my old non-ionic hairdryer (also with a nozzle). I’m a skeptic when it comes to ionic meaning anything so I don’t know if ionic is to credit for it or not but yes, the claim is true.

So in short sweet points…

* 3m cord with a velcro attachment (yay!)
* Lightweight
* Doesn’t roar and make you deaf, quite a pleasant purring sound
* Dries my thick hair very quickly
* Ionic. Really does de-frizz and add shine if you use a nozzle
* Power and temperature regulates separately
* Cold air is truly cold
* Two nozzles

* No diffuser
* The price – 59€. It is worth its money for sure, it’s just not the cheapest out there 🙂

So in total I do really love this little machine. Even my mister here who is totally uninterested in my girl things was fascinated by this. He has like 3cm of hair but he tested this out and tried all the combinations to see how it works and if the sound changes and whatnot 😀 My most favorite parts are definitely the lightness, the sound, the 3m cord and the velcro attachment on the cord. And the fact that I actually get my hair dry which was impossible with my old hairdryer (with that I just got my hair less wet before I was completely fed up with blowdrying).

So if you’re in the market for a new blowdryer, this is definitely one to consider. Thumbs up!

Where oh where can you find RICH products:
RICH homepage
Finland: Glo Hair Salons, Tallink
Estonia: Salon+, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, I.L.U, Tallink
Latvia: Salon+, Stockmann, Douglas, Kristiana, Tallink
Lithuania: Salon+, Kristiana

Go check them out and don’t forget to use heat protectant when blowdrying! If you’re using a leave-in treatment that has heat protectant in it, it won’t be enough with blowdrying simply because you don’t put those treatments on your roots so extra is necessary to cover that part as well, you don’t want your new nice hair to get damaged. RICH makes heat protectant spray as well, I’m yet to try it but I’m sure it’s as good as their other products. I’m currently working my way through my hated GHD one. It’s a good spray really, doesn’t leave my hair sticky and weird but it just smells so godawful to me 😀

So have a fantastic Friday everyone and see you on Sunday! And to those who are off to a party tonight – don’t drink and drive! Seriously.