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So as promised, I went about making you guys a picture tutorial on gradient sponging and… well I failed. Long story short, I lost most of the pictures. So I’m going to try to do my best with the two pictures I still have left since I’ve been too busy to try to redo it :p

Lets start with what I used:

And lucky me, I decided to show the side of the sponge that I already used for the tropical manicure. This will help loads with no other useful pictures. See how the stripes are next to each other? That’s what I’m talking about. Paint the strips next to each other and then dab on the nail, moving slightly up and down so that the colors blend. This makes for a real smooth and nice gradient. You can do however many colors you like (and however many fit on your nails). For this… ahem… attempt of a tutorial, I used OPI Big Apple Red and OPI Black Onyx.

Anyway the second picture that survived my idiocy is the result:

This was two coats of OPI Apple Red, sponged smoothly with OPI Big Apple Red and OPI Black Onyx, then added a layer of my new favorite, Nubar Black Polkadot and covered the whole thing with Essie’s Matte About You.

Eh yes. Facepalm Sunday. Anyway if you Google gradient sponging, you should find some other more helpful tutorials on this, I figured this system out on my own but I can’t be the only one who does it this way :p And who has attempted to make a tutorial about it 😀

So have a nice Sunday and see you next week!