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Today lets talk about something a bit different.
I went to Tallinn last week and among other things, I discovered a shop called Noa Noa in the Forum Center. It’s a Danish brand and man, standing there, it made me want to be a millionaire so I could just buy everything. Something that rarely ever happens to me since my taste differs dramatically from what is offered in stores here. I couldn’t afford to buy anything (didn’t quite plan on happening upon such a gem) but I just have to share this delightful finding.
Noa Noa has apparently been around for 30 years, founded in the early 80s by the Danish brothers Harald and Lars Holstein and they say in their A Journal on Romance (which you can get in the store) – “From the very beginning, Noa Noa represented a choice: a bohemian, strong, feminine way of living. Women took us in a way of underlining their own identities, all the time evoking the idea of something more profound than just buying a piece of fashion”. And I must say, looking around in the store, I totally agree.
Their summer 2012 line is just breathtaking and here’s just a tiny bit of it:

And look at the stunning photography!

All the pictures are from their lookbook, I don’t claim any credits for them.
Anyway what stunned me the most (aside from finally happening into a store where I actually LIKE the items) is the quality. The fabrics are wonderful, none of that paperthin low quality crap that is so prevalent these days. And the quality of construction and stitching… Lets just say that for their pretty hefty price, you do get your moneys worth plus the pieces are timeless, you can wear them for years and not be out of style. If only I was richer! I would have loved to show you an actual piece so you’d see what I mean. Still. If you have a wallet that can take this hit and have this store near you, do check it out.
In Estonia, Noa Noa is only in Tallinn (sad! I almost never go to Tallinn, only like once in three years) but other than that, their stores can be found pretty much everywhere in Europe. To find the closest store, use their store locator.
And go check out their page for more pictures! I’m like a convert here, I saw the light in their store 😀 And if I can’t have any of it, maybe someone else can but didn’t know about them! 😀

Noa Noa page
Noa Noa Estonian page

Take care everyone and see you on Wednesday!