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Happy Monday everyone!
Today I want to talk about this new perfume of mine, the most precious gift I’ve ever received, the one that inspired the manicure Nuit last week. First of all, my skin has the oddest chemistry ever. 99% of perfumes don’t work on me because they change into something absolutely disgusting on me. Then I discovered this, Nuit de Cellophane by Serge Lutens. It too changes a lot but only to the better. Nuit de Cellophane was released in 2009 if I’m not mistaken.

Lets start with the beautiful packaging:

The box is sleek, minimalistic and absolutely gorgeous. It definitely goes to show that less is indeed more. All Serge Lutens export line packages look like this.

This is what you’ll see when you open it:

It’s this nifty system that it comes with a simple cap and you can change it to the atomizer if you wish but don’t have to if you prefer using perfumes as a splash.

This is the bottle with the cap:

Isn’t it just beautiful? The bottle is 50ml.

And with the atomizer:

By the way, the cap of this version is on really tight, it takes a bit of pulling to get it off so it’s good to travel as well (though do be careful, the bottle is still glass).

So lets get to the scent itself. Serge Lutens doesn’t really give away too much about his perfumes so what I can say is that it has jasmine, osmanthus and mandarin. It is a floral and a very interesting one, a rather cold scent with something truly weird about it, it’s bizarre in a good way. On me it starts out with a lavish cold floral scent, mostly jasmine and the drydown is really fascinating. It changes quite dramatically, drying down to a smoky resinous scent that still manages to stay cold. Wearing it feels kind of like I’m naked but hidden, all my soul laid bare but nobody can see it. It’s a truly intimate and strange experience.
This suits me the best from the export line. I am still very keen on trying out Tubéreuse Criminelle and Sarrasins but while TC has been added to the export line, it’s not available in Estonia yet (I *think* the girl from Tallinna Kaubamaja said new additions are coming in June, could be wrong though) and Sarrasins won’t make it here anytime soon either, if ever.
Nuit de Cellophane lasts almost 24 hours on me and the sillage is pretty good as well.

Overall this is a wonderful companion to my Valentina by Valentino. Nuit de Cellophane is for the days when I feel fragile, reserved, cold and distant but still want to feel great. Valentina is the opposite, it’s warm, open and inviting.

And I also wanted to share this, the man is a poet:

Serge Lutens is no cheap thrill so do find some place to smell them and try them on if you’re interested. But I assure you, it’s worth every cent.
In Europe, you can buy their whole range from their page (including the Palais Royal line) – here.

Have a great great week, everyone! Take care of yourself and the ones you love 🙂 And see you on Wednesday!