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I must admit I am a bit of a snob when it comes to nail polish but I’m also curious to try out polishes that I haven’t tried yet. So when I had an unexpected opportunity to try out Max Factor nail polishes, I was really excited and interested in how they work and wanted to share the results with you all. I have stalked the stores in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe they will one day have Fantasy Fire in Estonia as well but so far no luck and in my obsession with that one, I haven’t even looked at the others. Shame on me!

Here are the three I have and tried:

The mini ones are Max Effect line, the full-sized bottle is Glossfinity. They’re all creme finishes.

Closer look and swatches, you say? Naturally! Though excuse my dry cuticles please, swatching in a row isn’t really a good match with my dry skin 😀

This is called Candy Rose. On the first look it kind of reminded me of China Glaze Dress Me Up but this is less brown. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Given that it’s a pink, I’m shocked I love it so much. Not that I dislike pink, I just somehow never buy or wear it. I think I’m probably one of the very few people who are actually okay with pretty much the entire color spectrum 😀
Anyway the formula on this one is very good, two coats needed to make it opaque and no trouble with streaking or bubbles. Dries quite quickly too. It definitely compares to the best polishes I have. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for other colors from this range, hopefully the others share the excellent formula. The brush was nice as well.

This is a gorgeous lilac purple, it’s called Juicy Plum. I love it, it’s a happy purple! The formula was okay, two coats leave patches so three is necessary (case in point, my pinky only got two layers). However it does go on well with three coats, covers nicely and the drying time is decent. A pleasant surprise indeed! Specially that it’s bordering on pastel and they’re usually tricky to work with.

Now this is a funky one, it’s a neon orange called Satsuma. It truly is neon, my picture tones it down a tiny bit. The formula on this one was like it is expected of an orange – tricky. I really don’t know what it is with yellows and oranges that they’re never easy to work with. Anyway this was slightly goopy and quite streaky. I did three coats and added a top coat to the wet polish to smooth it out a bit. That does help and I’ve found that for best results, you can actually top coat inbetween layers as well to smooth out the previous layer. I didn’t do it here since I wasn’t sure how many layers it would be and hey, you don’t want like a 10-layer sandwich on your nails 😀 Anyway on the upside this dries quite quickly and the color is just fantastic! I’ve been looking for a crazy orange like this. To me, the hassle is worth it. But if you’re expecting a smooth troublefree polish, stay away from all yellows and most oranges, no matter the company 😛
Comparing the formula on this one and the Juicy Plum, they are different. So I’d hazard a guess that other colors are nice formula-wise, like Juicy Plum.

Overall I’m very pleasantly surprised and my favorite of the bunch in terms of both formula and color is the Glossfinity Candy Rose. This will see a LOT of use from me. I’d definitely buy more and recommend this. Coming from a snob like me, hey, I’m surprised I’m saying that! 😀
Thumbs up!

Max Factor home page has more information about their products.

Now, happy Wednesday everyone and see you on Friday! 🙂