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First of all, lets get this out of the way, yes, I’m sort of missing in action at the moment, still busy and out of town and all that happy jazz. I’ll be back next week and will be blogging more then! I just got a message that my this months Glambox is waiting for me in the mail so I’ll be testing out everything from that while I’m away 🙂

And now! When I found this Etsy shop – Calpas, I was instantly drooling. I’ve been drooling ever since. It took me months to finally buy a pair of shoes from them and man was it hard to choose! But okay, pictures speak a thousand words!
I got these from Calpas (their picture, I don’t claim credit):

The shoe freak in me just gasped! They’re 70$ and while that is a hefty sum, I figured that for a handmade shoe, it’s a fair price. And even more so for a shoe this gorgeous! The store is based in Croatia.
What surprised me the most is that they’re even prettier in person. The color is more to the red side which is absolutely fantastic since I love red. They’re very high quality and comfortable from second one. The soles aren’t stiff, they bend well and they’re not too thin, just right.

And now on my feet (please excuse the state of them, I’ve been too busy to pay attention to them):

So why go check them out?
* Beautiful shoes
* Great quality
* Quick shipping
* AMAZING customer service, very friendly, helpful and prompt
* Did I say beautiful shoes?
* Made for your size (do tell them your feet size in cm, shoe sizes vary, cm don’t)

My other two favorites are these (their pictures again):

I only dream of someday buying those too.

This is what they themselves say about their gladiator shoes:

Unique style, quality craftsmanship and original design come together in the Gladiator Sandals – Fascination, creating the perfect pair of women’s sandals. The Women Gladiator sandals are made completely by hand from start to finish, making each pair completely one of a kind.

These handmade leather sandals start with only the highest quality materials to make them durable enough to last from season to season. We use only genuine Italian leather for our sandals.
You’ll love how durable Italian leather makes our leather sandals. The leather also does not require regular cleaning with special cleansers, just put some hand crème from time to time, so our handmade sandals are practically maintenance free.

To create the stylish patterns on the surface of Gladiator sandals for women, traditional stamps are used as leather craftsmen have done for centuries. Because of this unique approach to creating the decorative look, no two pairs of our leather sandals are exactly the same. The dyes used in the Gladiator sandals are environmentally-friendly and sealed in place by a durable varnish to keep the color true and lasting.

For the soles of these leather sandals for women, we use a long-wearing pressed rubber. This allows the Gladiator sandals to stand up to everyday wear without sacrificing an ounce of style. The supple materials used to create these handmade sandals conform to feet as you wear them. This Gladiator sandals incredibly comfortable and perfect for walking wherever you need to go. From the footbed to the ankle straps, each element in the design of these leather sandals will leave your feet feeling great, even if you wear them all day long.

Anyway if you have a love for shoes (who doesn’t?) and specifically unique handmade shoes, go check out Calpas! Seriously, do! This link will also be in the love list that you can find above the banner, for your easier finding later 🙂

Have you found anything interesting on Etsy lately? Do leave a comment or send me an e-mail – kirikadawn@gmail.com