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I’ve been drooling after this polish ever since I first saw it in a blog somewhere. However it was limited to UK and I won’t even go into the cutthroat pricing that Evilbay sellers put on this. So when I heard that Fantasy Fire is now in Estonia too, I literally ran to the store. Seriously. I looked weird 😀
If you don’t know yet, Fantasy Fire is a mini from their Mini Effects line and on its own it’s quite unimpressive but oh man the magic if you put it over something! It’s a sheer layering polish, multichrome glitter in a purple jelly base. Amazing! In Estonia, the price was 5.50€.

But pictures!
I started with a coat of a-england Bridal Veil (a gorgeous black holo) and did two layers of Fantasy Fire on top. This is what happened:

But wait, there’s a strong multichrome in play there! There’s red and purple and green and yellow and omg!

And in the sunlight, it sparkles like a maniac:

Ahh the pleasure of a gorgeous multichrome layering polish! Since the bottles are megatiny, I was smart and got a backup as well. You never know! I’ve been wearing this for a few days now and I’m more in love with it by the minute. Yay for MaxFactor bringing this gem to Estonia! I don’t know about other countries, maybe the UK-only thing is now over so do check your MaxFactor stands, maybe they’re available elsewhere too!

And in other news, I’m back! Obviously 😀 However since there’s a huge life change coming up, I won’t be able to stick to my four posts a week schedule. I’ll still blog, there’s no hope of getting rid of me hehe. But it will most likely be more random, I’ll blog when I have a moment for it 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be back with this months Estonian Glambox!