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Ah the sweet joy of winning a Facebook game – I get to try out things I wouldn’t normally buy. This is my second win, which is not bad at all, considering that I don’t actually play FB games 😀 I only play when there’s no sharing involved. Anyway, in the L’Oréal Pininterest game I won four nail polishes from their Color Riche line. I’ve had two L’Oreal nail polishes in the past, years and years ago and those were pretty awful so I admit I was prejudiced. But very curious! Being a nail polish addict as I am, I can’t resist trying out new ones!
Anyway so today the prize arrived and these are the polishes I got:

Left to right: 611 Sky Fits Heaven, 507 Riviera Lavender, 506 Exotic Grenade and 209 Ingenuous Rose. Surprisingly they’re all new colors in my collection. The lavender one is similar to the Max Factor one I swatched for you guys recently but since I gave that to my sister (she adores lavender), I’m pretty happy I got something similar. From the rest, my favorite is the Exotic Grenade, it just looks awesome with my skintone.

And swatched them all for you! In one picture though, my cuticles are so messed up that they can’t take four full swatches right now.

209 Ingenuous Rose on my index, 506 Exotic Grenade on the middle, 507 Riviera Lavender on the ring finger and 611 Sky Fits Heaven on my pinky. No topcoat, 2 layers.

And now, lets talk about this, shall we? I was stunned. Seriously. Why? That’s why… Pros:
* On the picture they have no top coat and yet they have absolutely no streaking issues whatsoever, just an even glossy surface. And this is true for ALL of them! They’re a consistent quality, surprising. Usually lavenders tend to be tricky for instance but this lavender is perfect! The pink one did differ a tiny bit, it was a bit more sheer then the others but no streaking or anything either.
* 2 layers totally did the trick
* Wide good quality brush, no pokey hairs or anything of the sort
* Beautiful colors!

The only con I’d point out is that while the bottle design is gorgeous, it’s not the most practical in the sense that you have to be careful not to knock the bottle over, it tips over quite easily. I’d suggest putting it into something, I used a regular small roll of tape, just stood the bottle in the middle to give it extra stability after I almost tipped one while wiping the excess polish off the brush.
So be careful!

Overall I totally recommend trying these out, they’re gorgeous and wow, just WOW at the quality! I never thought that drugstore could be this good! I am curious to try out their canary yellow since yellows and oranges are always absolutely dreadful, no matter the company. So I’d like to know how they did with theirs. If I do, I’ll definitely tell you guys how it went 🙂

Have you tried these?

L’Oréal Paris page

L’Oréal Estonian Facebook – minge vaadake, neil on veel üks mäng käimas, kus võib neid iludusi võita 🙂