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This week went by in a blur, first week at a new job tends to be stressful and mindblowing. Anyway next week I’ll be posting more, I’m just going to prepare the pictures and stuff during the weekend because that seems to be why I didn’t blog, I was too tired to start setting up pictures. So stay tuned, I have a massive pile of ELF items to work through among other things 🙂

Today however lets talk about an interesting Estonian brand, GoodKaarma. They make organic soaps, body scrubs, oils, all kinds of fantastic stuff. I’ve been a fan of their soaps for a long long time and I’ve been wanting to blog about them for ages now. They do ship internationally and even accept Paypal. Awesome!

These two are my most favorite soaps from the ones I’ve tried:

Saaremaa Honey is absolutely awesome, it doesn’t smell of honey like you’d guess which for me is a good thing since I can’t stand honey scented things. It smells kind of incense-y and warm.
Made with these certified organic ingredients:
Beeswax, cocoa butter, cold pressed flaxseed oil, palm & coconut fats, cold pressed sunflower oil.
Essential oils:
Lemon, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Clove bud, Nutmeg
Organic honey

Kaali is my most favorite one since it reminds me of everything good in this life with its scent of juniper and pine, reminds me of summer days by the lake. I tend to use this more in the winter, it’s the perfect mood-lifter for me during the dark dreadful time that is the infamous Estonian winter.
Made with these certified organic ingredients:
Extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, palm & coconut fats, cold pressed sunflower oil.
Essential oils:
Lavender, Juniper, Pine
Juniper berries

The soaps themselves look like this:

Top one being Saaremaa Honey, lower one Kaali. You can see what their soaps look like in their online store as well which I think is great.

The bars are pretty small on first sight, they’re 80 grams. But they tend to last forever and then some. The price for one bar is generally 3.29€ with a few exceptions. They’re cruelty free so yay for that as well!

* Amazing scents
* Last forever
* Clean very well
* Organic, cruelty free and no weird stuff in the ingredients
* Pretty boxes
* Not TOO expensive, considering they last for ages, they don’t cost a lot at all

* Nothing whatsoever

I am curious about their other products as well, specially the butters that they have, hopefully one day I’ll try something out and I’ll let you guys know how it goes. As for the soaps, a big thumbs up and I wholeheartedly recommend trying them out! And think how cool it would be to have such exotic soaps in your bathroom 😛

Visit GoodKaarma site and check out their stock! I’ll also add this link to the links I love section on top of the banner so you can always find it there later as well.

See you guys next Tuesday! Not posting on Monday, I have an event after work 🙂