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So continuing into the ELF madness, lets continue with liners. This time the waterproof eyeliner pens. Read chapter one HERE if you haven’t seen it yet, that one is about the Studio Cream eyeliners. But lets get to the pens, pictures first, talk later πŸ™‚

The waterproof eyeliner pens look like this:

From the left: Hunter Green, Purple, Teal and Black.

The tip of the pen:


From the left: Black, Teal, Purple, Hunter Green.

And Teal worn:

I love it how teal makes my dark gray eyes seem blue!

So. All of them have been given a proper test drive and to my great amazement, they really do last all day without going anywhere. For the ridiculously low price, it’s amazing. In the USA online store, they’re 1$ each, for Europeans, they’re 1.70€. Which really sucks I think. That we pay so much more in percentage. Just for reference, euro is currently pretty weak but even with the weak exchange rate, 1.70€ is roughly 2$ (usually more). So that makes for an entire 100% markup. I know, 1$ or 2$, what’s the difference. But it’s the principle that gets to me. And it’s not really directed at ELF in particular, this tends to be the general consensus for all online retailers, that for some reason Europeans are rich as hell or something. I know there are customs to consider but businesses don’t pay the same way we do, plus customs isn’t 100%.
Anyway that rant aside, these are fantastic little thingies, no matter if you have to pay 1$ or 2$Β for them πŸ˜›
There is a downside though. The pen tip just sucks. Seriously. Before even using it, three out of four looked like I’d been using them for years, all wonky and stuff. Also the application is a bit.. yeah. It takes some work to get the color out. Teal was the best, its brush is in the best shape and it also gives out the liquid the best. Black gave me the most trouble. But once you get them on, they’re amazing!

* Great lasting power
* No flaking or smearing
* Truly waterproof
* I like that they’re pens, no messing about with small liquid bottles that always fall over when least needed
* As cheap as it can possibly get
* Pretty colors, special favorite of mine is Teal πŸ™‚

* Wonky pen tip
* A bit tricky to apply. Not impossible, just a tad more work then I’d like

So to summarize – these also get a big THUMBS UP! They’re not as good as the Studio Cream eyeliners but they have their merits. I prefer the teal pen to the teal cream eyeliner, simply because it takes me much less time to get my eyes done and I don’t have to wash the brush afterwards. I’m glad I have both though!

So go read the first chapter of this ELF story and then… go shopping! πŸ˜› This little book of madness shall continue either tomorrow or on Saturday with.. aah, I won’t tell you, more exciting! Stay tuned!

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