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Chapter one – Studio Cream eyeliners
Chapter two – Waterproof Eyeliner pens

Today, lets talk about ELF eyeshadows! I have three different kinds so this will be a relatively big post. So get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and lets get to it!

First, Brightening Eye Colour quads! I have two, Silver Lining and Butternut:

Silver Lining swatches:

Butternut swatches:

These are the cheapest of their eye shadows, 1.70€ for one quad. They have a wide selection of colors, quite a few are still on my wishlist. Anyway for that price, the quality is quite good. Silver Lining is good, all the colors have a great payoff. With Butternut, the lighter two are a bit problematic, chalky and not the greatest pigmentation but the dark ones are awesome. I’d definitely recommend Brightening Eye quads! They’re small and handy with great color selections. Thumbs up!

I also have a Studio Single eyeshadow in Totally Teal, this I got from an event of theirs:

And a swatch:

This is one stunning eyeshadow! Not only do I absolutely love the color, it’s amazing quality! These are more expensive though, 4.50€ for a single color. It’s super silky, feels almost creamy to the touch, it’s so finely milled. And the color payoff is amazing. I’m really glad I got to try this, I’ll definitely be considering getting more from this line. I’m not really a fan of single colors since they just take up so much space and when doing my makeup, I don’t like the idea of searching for the right colors in singles and so on. But this one really is such awesomeness that I might just get over that 😛

But wait, that’s not all! I also have a Beauty Book in Neutral Eye, this came in the Jubilee mystery bag:

It contains 12 eyeshadows, an applicator and an eyeliner, in this case the eyeliner is in Coffee:


This palette costs 6.80€ so great value for your money. Anyway the kohl eyeliner doesn’t suit me all that great, it smudges all over the place on my hooded eyelids. But that’s not the main part of this palette anyway. The colors of this are very pretty. I’d say about half of them are really nice, with great payoff and texture. The other half not so much, some are downright chalky and give off very little color (for instance the gray one on the lower right trio on the swatches). Again, it’s mostly the case with lighter colors. But even considering that, I’d say it’s not a bad way to spend your money at all. Specially if you’re on a budget like I often am and can’t spend a fortune on eyeshadows. Or if you don’t use eyeshadows frequently (like me) and just want something for those days when you DO want to use them.

So overall, ELF eyeshadows are great! Some not so much but it all balances out nicely. The best out of this bunch was the Studio eyeshadow, then the Silver Lining, Beauty Book and last the Butternut. I’d definitely give it a go if I hadn’t already 😛

Right now, ELF UK has -50% event so go get what you’ve been drooling over! You won’t regret it. The low prices cut in half… aaahh, I wish I could spend more right now 😀
I have two more ELF posts for you which will come next week. And also some other things. So stay tuned! 🙂 And ooh, soon it’s this months Glambox time, can’t wait! I’m interested to see if it’s better this month or not, last month was somewhat of a disaster for me.

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