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Aaahh, there is one good thing about people migrating – friends and family sometimes live exactly where you need them to live 😀 Today I wanted to show you OPI Black Spotted which annoyingly is exclusive to France and is way too awesome not to have. Sadly Evilbay sellers REALLY mark it up so if you can find a friend in France, it’ll be way way cheaper (though keep in mind, shipping from France is crazy expensive for some reason but they have the same price for up to 500 grams so to save on that, let your friend ship something else to you as well while you’re at it).

Black Spotted is a new twist to the crackle effect – this black polish does not crackle (in theory) but leaves spots open instead. However on me it did crackle a bit as well which I wasn’t all that happy about, I’m not a fan of crackles, don’t own a single one. But the spots made up for the cracks!

So this is how it looks on the nails:

I did a rainbow manicure underneath to try out how it looks on different colors. Starting from the thumb (which you can’t see), OPI Pamplona Purple, OPI Big Apple Red, OPI In My Back Pocket, OPI Need Sunglasses? and OPI Green-Wich Village on the pinky. Quite obviously it looks best on top of orange and yellow, bright colors underneath provide the best contrast.

And a tip – paint a VERY light coat of the Black Spotted! As in the lightest coat you can possibly think of. If you do a heavier coat, it simply won’t spot. I suggest you try it out on a nail wheel before attacking your nails, to get a feel of it.

Overall I totally love this and it was worth all the hassle (and annoying my friend in France :P). I also got two from the Spiderman collection which I’ll show you guys eventually. But the collection has been blogged to death already so I’ll be thinking of how to use them in some sort of nail art instead 🙂

Yep, tomorrow or on Wednesday I’ll return to the ELF madness series, still a few posts to go on that one! So stay tuned 🙂