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Hi, I’m Iris and I’m a shoe addict. That aside, I found another Etsy shop for handmade shoes! I was on a quest to find a pair of black summer sandals since that I could somehow justify when I came upon Ananais. They’re located in Greece and they have tons and tons of different designs of leather sandals, all handmade and gorgeous. Pictures, you say? Coming right up!

Ahh, the perfection of simple and yet wonderful black sandals! These are gorgeous! The soles are foam and really comfy, not too thin and not too thick. Just perfect so your feet won’t be all banged up after a day of walking.

They’re very comfortable, didn’t hurt at all, some toe sandals hurt like there’s no tomorrow until you’re brave enough to wear them in. These are comfy from the very beginning, always a plus! The strap closer to the calf is a bit loose on me but not disturbingly so. However that means that it will fit great for those with a high arch as well. I know the trouble you guys go through, my daughter has a high arch and it’s downright impossible to find shoes that are comfortable for her. So these should be more then okay for you 🙂

Now these shoes were around 30$ if I’m not mistaken. I bought the on sale size 40 version at first since my feet are EU 40 but then it turned out that by measurements, it’s more like size 42 for them (though I ended up choosing 41 for a snug fit). So I chose to pay more to get them made. The sale versions are ready to ship, I suppose they’re leftovers or something. Anyway their shoes are all under 40$ and if you’re lucky enough, you might score a pair you like on sale, that means around 19$. I think it’s a great value for your money for handmade shoes.
If you buy ones that aren’t ready to ship, you’ll have to be patient though, their turnaround time is 2-3 weeks plus shipping time. For reference, I bought mine on June 8th, they shipped on July 3rd and I received them this morning, so arrived on July 17th. Usually it’s a week within EU, I don’t know why this took two weeks in shipping. Who knows. Anyway I’ve worn them the entire day and they’re truly awesome!
Ananais also has great customer service and they’re patient and friendly. Definitely recommend checking their store out! This link will also go to the links I love page above the banner, so you’d find it easier later 🙂

Ananais on Etsy

On Thursday, I’ll continue my ELF madness and if you’re into shoes, that saga will also continue soon since I have hauled a bunch of shoes lately *blushes*. Stay tuned!