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Chapter one – Studio Cream eyeliners
Chapter two – Waterproof Eyeliner pens
Chapter three – eyeshadows

So shall we continue with the ELF products? πŸ™‚ Today, lip products.

Lets start with the Studio Conditioning Lip Balm Spf 15! It comes in a plastic jar like the Studio Cream Eyeliners:

I must admit I’m not a fan of the packaging, it’s bulky and I really don’t like the choice of either dipping my finger in or using and cleaning a brush every time. I’d much rather prefer a stick.

The colors are very pretty though! I have three:

From the left: Peaceful Pink, Mellow Melon and Nice & Natural.


From the left: Nice & Natural, Peaceful Pink and Mellow Melon.
Mellow Melon gives the least tint, Peaceful Pink the most. They’re all very lovely colors though. The texture of this balm is nice, it does make my lips feel hydrated and nice. They have a sweet scent and not much taste. The lasting power isn’t too great but they fade evenly so you won’t have weird splotchy lips with these. They’re very good products, I really do wish they’d come in a stick form, I’d definitely use them way more. The price of these on the UK site is 4.50€, US site 3$ so again, the price difference is insane. But even for 4.50€, they’re nice products. I wouldn’t buy more simply because of the packaging and applying issues. Other than that, they’re awesome! So if you’re not disturbed by this, do try them out!

Now, moving on Studio Matte Lip Colour! They look like this, they’re like jumbo pencils instead of the classic tube:


From the left: Tea Rose, Natural.
These have a great color payoff and they’re very convenient to use. However they’re very drying so use them over a balm or else you’ll look like you just crawled out of a desert or something. They last a few hours on me. They’re not bad but I don’t think they’re all that great either. Then again I’m not a fan of lipsticks and stuff anyway. The upside is that they do look very natural, the Natural one is my favorite, it’s close to my own lip color but better. 4.50€ on the UK site, 3$ on the US site.

And last, glosses! I have three different kinds:

From the left: Studio Glossy Gloss in Dragon Fruit, Mineral Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear and Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 in Juiced Berry.


From the left: Studio Glossy Gloss in Dragon Fruit, Super Glossy Lip Shine in Juiced Berry and Mineral Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear.

The Studio Glossy Gloss is my least favorite. I don’t even know why exactly. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t smell weird, there’s just something about the texture that I’m not liking much. I’ve tried it again and again to pinpoint what it is that makes me shudder but yeah, the best I can come up with is that the texture is sort of like putting on lukewarm mayonnaise. The color payoff is great though! It isn’t sparkly which I like, I don’t like my lips shimmery, just glossy. The color is great and it outlasts the other two. This has a brush applicator. I do prefer doe foot applicators but it’s not bad. This costs 4.50€ or 3$.

The Mineral Lip Gloss is my most favorite. The texture is also a bit weird but not in a shuddering way. It is quite thick but it feels watery on the lips. This doesn’t smell or taste like anything much. It doesn’t give a crazy high gloss, the result is much more natural. I love this! It’s my everyday lip product now. Which is saying something since I don’t really use lip products all that much. This lip gloss isn’t sticky and it lasts an hour or two on me. And I tend to lick my lips a lot so that’s why things don’t last long on my lips. Bad habit, specially in the winter. This gloss has a doe foot applicator. 4€ or 3$.

Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 is one cool cat. It smells pretty weird, the tube itself even smells odd. Reminds me of some highly synthetic candy. This lip gloss is quite sticky. The texture is thick and pretty heavy but I actually really like it, I can feel it on my lips and thus I tend to lick my lips less because there’s a constant reminder that I’m wearing lip gloss. This has less color then the Studio Glossy Gloss but a much higher shine. It does tend to draw in bugs though so I’d recommend keeping this for the winter. I think I would like to get a few more of these. For the price, they’re awesome! Even though they smell like something you wouldn’t want to put in your mouth πŸ˜€ No worries, not nasty, just very very sweet in a synthetic way and it does not whack you senseless on the lips, the scent is much stronger in the tube. This lasts also an hour or two. With all the licking. 1.70€ or 1$.

So this was my opinion on the ELF lip products that I’ve tried. Overall none of them is really bad, they all have their ups and downs. My definite favorite is the Mineral Lip Gloss and I’d just love love love the Studio Conditioning Lip Balms if they were a stick instead of a jar. I do recommend trying any of these, none of them are a complete waste of your money since they don’t even cost all that much.

Eyeslipsface USA
Eyeslipsface UK

Two chapters to go! I forgot about something so before I mentioned there’s one less but nope, two more!
This week I’ll talk more about shoes, some OPI polish and perhaps will continue this ELF Madness as well. Stay tuned!