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Time for the July Glambox! Again, as usual, a dual-language post 🙂 After the last two weird months, last one was a complete disaster in my book, this month is showing definite signs of improvement. But see for yourself!
Juuli Glamboxi aeg! Ja nagu selleteemalised postitused ikka, kahes keeles. Peale viimast kahte kehvemat kuud, eelmine oli ikka lausa jama, sel kuul tekib jÀlle lootust. Aga vaadake ise!

Since I didn’t have my camera when the box arrived, I skipped packing it up later to show you how it looks. It was the same as always, just with a light gray ribbon this time.
Kuna mu kaamera oli vÀlja laenatud, kui see karp saabus, siis jÀtsin vahele pildi karbist endast. Nagunii nÀgi vÀlja samasugune, nagu alati, lihtsalt seekord helehalli paelaga.

Gatineau, Melatogenine Eye Contour Cream – this is my favorite out of everything in the box. They say this should also help with undereye darkness and stuff, I don’t know about that, I haven’t used it long enough to be able to tell the difference. I have seriously purple undereyes that no concealer or corrector will completely hide. So I’ve grown a bit skeptic about those promises. But it does moisturize well and doesn’t irritate my hyper sensitive eyes. I’m totally thinking of buying this at some point when my current Guinot eye cream runs out. This takes a few minutes to sink in but not nearly as long as the Guinot one which takes like an hour. Love it! This month the Glambox team didn’t add descriptions and prices on the card since they’re on vacation so I won’t be giving you prices. However I did look this up on their site and this is 35€ on the Glambox site.
See on mu tĂ€ielik lemmik kĂ”ikidest selle kuu nĂ€idistest. Lubatakse, et see muuhulgas aitab ka silmaaluste tumeduse korral aga no minu tumelillasid silmaaluseid ei pÀÀsta miski ja seda konkreetset kreemi pole veel piisavalt kaua kasutanud, et mingit vahet nĂ€ha oleks. Üldiselt sellised lubadused nagunii ei toimi. Aga muus osas on see silmakreem super, niisutab, imendub paari minutiga ja kohe mĂ”nusam on olla. Kindlasti kaalun selle ostmist, kui mu Guinot silmakreem otsa saab. See kuu kaardil infot ja hindu polnud, Glamboxi tiim on puhkusel. Aga ma vaatasin nende poest selle konkreetse kreemi hinda, see oli 35€.
Institut Arnaud, Youthful Radiance Eye Contour Care – this is also great, this sinks in even faster than the Gatineau one. However my personal preference was Gatineau, it just somehow felt a wee bit fresher. Although this is really just as nice. Also hydrates well, doesn’t irritate my eyes and is generally awesome. This should be cheaper but I don’t really know, they don’t have this on their site.
See oli samuti vĂ€ga mĂ”nus, imendub isegi kiiremini kui Gatineau oma. Aga mulle isiklikult meeldis Gatineau rohkem, jĂ€ttis kuidagi vĂ€rskema tunde. Ehkki see on ka vĂ€ga mĂ”nus. Niisutab hĂ€sti, ei Ă€rrita silmi ja on ĂŒldiselt tore. See peaks olema odavam aga ma ei tea, nende lehel seda pole.
Institut Arnaud, Youthful Radiance Day Cream – on the upside, this has SPF. On the downside, it only has SPF5 😀 The cream itself is quite heavy, was a bit tricky to get on the face evenly and for me it left an oily residue. However most moisturizers do that on me, that’s my sensitive dry skin acting out. Anyway it wasn’t as bad as many I’ve tried and it could work as a night cream for me but I wouldn’t use it as a daily moisturizer. People with less insane skin should try it, although you should use extra SPF because 5 isn’t really enough.
Plusspoolelt, sellel on SPF. Miinuspoolelt, SPF5 😀 Kreem ise on tiheda konsistentsiga, paksemat sorti pasta moodi, natuke keeruline ĂŒhtlaselt mÀÀrida. Minu veidrale supertundlikule kuivale nahale eriti ei sobinud, jĂ€ttis Ă”lise kihi. Seda teevad minu peal enamus kreeme. Öiseks kasutamiseks kĂ”lbaks kĂŒll aga pĂ€evaks ma seda ei ostaks. VĂ”iks ka hullem olla. Normaalsema nahaga inimesed vĂ”iksid seda proovida kĂŒll. Ehkki SPF5 on nii vĂ€ike, et palun kasutage lisaks pĂ€ikesekaitset!
Himalaya Herbals, Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash – this I gave to my friend to try because it has aloe in it and I’m allergic to it. So this opinion is hers. She loved it, said it cleaned well, didn’t dry her skin and left her feeling fresh and yummy. And as an additional bonus, it’s dirt cheap! 🙂
Selle ma andsin sĂ”brale proovida kuna mina olen aaloele allergiline. Nii et tema arvamus asjast oli selline, et talle vĂ€ga meeldis. Puhastab hĂ€sti, ei kuivata nahka ja jĂ€tab vĂ€rske ja puhta tunde. Ja lisaboonus on muidugi see, et Himalaya tooted on vĂ€gagi taskukohased 🙂

One condom – let me tell you, this makes for one fun conversation when there’s a condom in a Glambox you’re opening with your 9-year old daughter 😀 Opening a Glambox quickly turned into a talk of birds and the bees. Or somewhat. She’s not interested in any of it yet so the conversation was quite short. Still, isn’t it odd how these conversations always show up when you least expect it? 😀 There’s nothing negative about this. Sure, I was taken off guard but I’m trying to get this conversation going anyway, I don’t want her to learn these things from a porn site or from friends who have learned from a porn site.
TĂ€itsa lĂ”bus hakkas, kui keset Glamboxi avamist tuli hakata 9-aastasele seksijuttu ajama 😀 Ta ei ole nendest asjadest kĂŒll veel eriti huvitatud, nii et jutt vĂ€ga pikk ei olnud, teda huvitas rohkem, mis karbis veel on. Aga emana olen avastanud, et need teemad tulevad alati ette siis, kui seda kĂ”ige vĂ€hem ootad 😀 Midagi negatiivset selles minu jaoks pole, ma nagunii ĂŒritan seda teemat pidevalt ja jupikaupa seletada kuna ma ei taha, et ta oma teadmised saaks pornost vĂ”i sĂ”pradelt, kes on teadmised pornost saanud. Ei teagi, kumb oleks hullem 😛
Anti-grease shampoo – I am so sorry, I do not remember the name of the line, Morph..something? I’ve tested it and thrown it away already so yeaaah. I usually rely on the card for this info. Anyway this shampoo didn’t suit me. It made my dry scalp even worse, itchy and flaky. But I think since it’s anti-grease, that was a completely normal reaction. If you have oily scalp, this could work.
Kahjuks ĂŒldse ei mĂ€leta, mis selle toote nimi oli. Kasutasin ja viskasin paki minema. Tavaliselt jÀÀn lootma kaardi peale info osas aga seekord ju ei olnud infot 😀 Vabandust! Igatahes mulle see ĆĄampoon ei sobinud, tegi mu kuiva peanaha veel kuivemaks, sĂŒgelevaks ja kiskuvaks. Aga kuna see on mĂ”eldud aitama rasuste juuste korral, siis on see reaktsioon igati ootuspĂ€rane. Kui sul on rasune peanahk, siis see tĂ”enĂ€oliselt töötab tunduvalt paremini.
Himalaya Herbals, Body Lotion – this is for dry skin. It really does moisturize well, has nice stuff in it (almond oil for instance) and smells pretty nice. I’d say it’s a good one. It definitely worked well on my legs, in the summer rush I’ve forgotten to moisturize for a while and while most of my body is okay with it, my legs tend to get dry and a bit scaly. This did the trick on turning them back into human body parts. Faith in Himalaya Herbals still going strong!
See on mĂ”eldud kuivale nahale. TĂ”esti niisutas hĂ€sti, sisaldab mĂ”nusaid koostisosi, nĂ€iteks mandliĂ”li ja lĂ”hnab ka pĂ€ris meeldivalt. Ma ĂŒtleks kĂŒll, et on hea. Kahtlemata töötas hĂ€sti mu jalgade niisutamisel. Suvises meeltesegaduses ma olen unustanud mĂ”nda aega keha kreemitada ja mu ĂŒlejÀÀnud keha saab endaga ise ka hĂ€sti hakkama aga sÀÀred muutuvad kuivaks ja natuke nagu soomuseliseks, pealt just. Igatahes see kreem muutis mu jalad ilusti jĂ€lle inimjalgadeks. Usk Himalaya toodetesse pĂŒsib!
RICH shampoo – well. This is my.. I think third? I love love love RICH products but I’d love these samples a whole lot more if they gave us conditioner and/or treatment in travel size sometimes as well. I’d love a mini set of my regular hair products 😀 Anyway if you haven’t tried RICH, you should, it’s amazing.
Noh see on vist kolmas pisiversioon, mis ma saanud olen. Ma vĂ€ga armastan RICHi tooteid aga ma armastaks neid nĂ€idiseid tunduvalt enam, kui vahel saaks ka palsami ja/vĂ”i maski. Mulle kohutavalt meeldiks, kui mul oleks miniversioon minu igapĂ€evastest juuksetoodetest 😛 Igatahes kui sa ei ole RICHi proovinud, siis kindlasti tee seda, nende tooted on tĂ”esti vĂ€ga mĂ”nusad ja head!

Lip Smacker, Strawberry lip tint – this was actually on a carton backing but yeah, we ripped into it before I got my camera back. My daughter called dibs on this immediately 😀 It smells really strong, when she put it on, a puff of strawberry scent attacked me as well. But it’s not disgusting or anything, just strong and sweet. Since she claimed this, I didn’t try it. She said it’s very nice and makes her lips soft. It does have a slight tint but it’s very natural looking.
See oli tegelikult papist pakendis aga ma rÔÔmsalt rebisime selle lahti enne kui ma kaamera tagasi sain. Mu tĂŒtar pani sellele kohe kĂ€pa peale 😀 LĂ”hn on sellel pulgal vĂ€ga tugev, kui ta seda proovis, siis mind rĂŒndas Ă€kiline maasikalĂ”hnaline pilv. Õnneks ei ole see lĂ”hn jube, lihtsalt vĂ€ga tugev ja magus. Kuna plika sai selle omale, siis mina seda ei proovinud. HĂŒgieeni huvides. Igatahes tema ĂŒtles, et see pulk teeb huuled pehmeks ja mĂ”nusaks. Kerget vĂ€rvi annab ka, mitte palju kĂŒll, tulemus jÀÀb vĂ€ga loomulik ja saab ka ilma peeglita tarvitada.
Glo Minerals, lip gloss – brown. Or copper. Or something. The color is very pretty, however I would never ever wear brown lip gloss. Ever. I’d love to have this shade as an eye shadow though 😛 Well. Anyway for the sake of testing, I did try this both alone and on top of the lipstick that’s coming up next. It felt nice, not crazy sticky and doesn’t have a strange scent or taste like a lot of glosses do. Lasting power is average. But again, it’s brown.
Pruun. VĂ”i vask. VĂ”i midagi. VĂ€rv iseenesest on vĂ€ga ilus, lauvĂ€rvina oleks rĂ”ngas sellise vĂ€rvi peale. Aga huulelĂ€ikena, ei. Lihtsalt ei. Ma ei kannaks iial pruuni huulelĂ€iget. Et midagi öelda oskaks, ma siiski proovisin, nii ĂŒksi kui ĂŒle selle huulepulga, millest kohe juttu tuleb. See oli pĂ€ris hea, ei ole vastikult kleepuv ega veidra lĂ”hna vĂ”i maitsega nagu paljud lĂ€iked on. Peab vastu huultel suhteliselt keskmiselt. Aga jĂ€llegi, see on pruun.
Catrice lipstick – brown. Yes, again. On the upside, the scent of this is less disgusting then the other Catrice one they had in the box a few months ago. The texture of this was also better. And yes, I tried it, cringed but tried. I look terrible with brown lipstick, it’s beyond horrible 😛 I have cool skintone and you can’t get much warmer then these browns. So.. yeah. Anyway this lipstick was pretty average in performance and lasting power. Not bad and not the best either. I wish I’d gotten it in a nice neutral nude-ish tone, then I’d wear it.
JĂ€lle pruun. Proovisin Ă”udusest vĂ€risedes. Pruun huulepulk on enamvĂ€hem kĂ”ige hullem, mida ma enda nĂ€oga teha saan. Mul on kĂŒlm nahatoon ja pruunist soojemaks vĂ€ga palju minna ei anna. Tulemus on ikka tĂ”eliselt Ă”udne. Igatahes see huulepulk on parem kui teine Catrice’i oma, mis paar kuud tagasi karbis oli ja mis oli nagu need hull odavad pulgad, mida vanasti bussijaama putkast osta sai. See ei lĂ”hna nii veidralt ja tekstuur on ka parem. Kestvus on suht keskmine. Ei ole halb, vĂ€ga hea ka pole. Kui oleks saanud vĂ€he loomulikuma tooni siis kannaks ka.

Swatches of the lip products, Lip Smacker, Glo Minerals gloss and Catrice lipstick. My kid insisted that her arm must be on my blog so you’ll get swatches on a very tanned arm this time. Which makes the brown less scary 😀
Vasakult Lip Smacker, Glo Mineralsi lĂ€ige ja Catrice’i huulepulk. Mu tĂŒtar nĂ”udis, et ta tahab, et tema kĂ€si oleks seekord blogis, nii et seekord nĂ€ete neid vĂ€ga pĂ€evitunud kĂ€el. Mis teeb pruuni vĂ€hem hirmuĂ€ratavaks 😀

Overall this month was a definite improvement! I love it that they have a variety of different things in the box and for once, there isn’t an overflow of moisturizers. I was so happy to get eye cream samples this time! The variety is definitely a good thing. Value for money is still a bit shaky but it’s getting there. I definitely hope they’re going to keep this up and continue with better boxes again. I ordered my next one right after opening this so we’ll see how August goes!
On the downside I do wish the lip products weren’t brown. I know I could go and buy them in not brown but that’s beside the point. I’d love to try out things in a less extreme color. Cause brown is extreme for lips in my book. And yes, the RICH shampoo could be conditioner or something for a change. I know they don’t have travel sized conditioners in their store so I doubt if they even have those but if RICH makes shampoo in travel size, my logic says they should also make conditioner in the same size. So perhaps it could be arranged? I don’t know, can hope though!
So yes, thumbs up and will be waiting for the August box!
See kuu oli ikka kindlasti parem, kui eelmised kaks. Mulle vĂ€ga meeldis, et karbis oli lai valik erinevaid asju ja ometi kord ei ujutatud mind ĂŒle nĂ€okreemidega. Ma olin tohutult rÔÔmus, et sain seekord katsetada silmakreeme! VĂ€ga vĂ€ga tore. Raha ja nĂ€idiste suhe on veel veidi kahtlane aga kahtlemata paranemas. Ma vĂ€ga loodan, et see nĂŒĂŒd jĂ€tkub ja edaspidi tulevad jĂ€lle paremad karbid. Tellisin augusti oma igatahes kohe Ă€ra, nii et nĂ€eme!
Negatiivse poole pealt ma oleks soovinud, et huulekraam poleks olnud pruun. Ma tean, et ma vÔiks minna ja osta nad muus vÀrvis aga see pole asja mÔte. Ma tahaks proovida uusi asju natuke vÀhem ekstreemsemas vÀrvis, pruun on minu jaoks huulevÀrviks ikka liiga ekstreemne vÀrk. RICHi osas vÔiks jah ka organiseerida Àkki hoopis palsami jÀrgmine kord. Ma tean, et Glamboxi enda poes on miniversioonis ainult ƥampoon aga Àkki annaks organiseerida? Loota ju vÔib!
Nii et ĂŒldiselt vĂ€ga tore ja jÀÀn huviga augusti karpi ootama!

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