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If you haven’t heard about Travalo, do tell which planet do you hail from 😀 Anyway I bought two of these, one as a gift to my sister and one for myself and figured I’d tell you guys what I think and how it works.
For those from foreign planets, Travalo is this little bullet that holds roughly 50 sprays of perfume or whatever liquid you wish to carry around. It’s an atomizer so it sprays and everything. It’s perfect for travel since it can be taken aboard a plane. Which is why I thought it’d be perfect for my sister, she’s going to go study abroad for a while.

First lets talk about how the filling of this thing works. This is what my packaging looked like and my smaller Valentina by Valentino that is dying to go into it:

Start by removing the top from the perfume bottle, sometimes it takes removing several pieces, until you reach this white thingy:

On the bottom of your Travalo, there’s this white spot which you put over the perfume spray pump, this is where the perfume gets into the Travalo:

Aaand then you pump!

Ta da! There’s a clear window on your Travalo so you can see how much is left:

* Great for travel
* Fills up fast and easy
* The atomizer is really good, it sprays evenly
* Comes in a ton of pretty colors
* Despite the small size, it really does hold 50+ sprays
* Very sturdy metal casing, your perfume is safe and also your bag that you have this in

* Get one, want more 😀
* Nearly impossible to clean, you’ll need to stick with one perfume per one Travalo

Overall I’m loving this! I do wish for two more, one for my Serge Lutens and one for my pure rosewater. That because I work in an air conditioned office and while that’s great, it dries my skin like there’s no tomorrow and it would be truly awesome to have some rosewater with me. This will have to wait though, with school starting, my kid is eating all my money 😀 But anyway, I think it’d be cool to also have orange and purple ones, the three would look like my hair. I have red hair with orange and purple in it. They have two sizes of them, one for 50 pumps and one for 65. I’m not sure which one I have because I bought mine from Cheapsmells but I think by the plastic around it that it’s probably the smaller one.

Travalo also makes cases by the way (picture credit to Travalo):

That’d be so perfect to carry around my future red-orange-purple trio. I have one of those black hole bags that sucks up everything I put in there 😀 I don’t know how well this case holds the bullets though, I mean whether they stay well and is it easy to put them in and take them out but I guess it’s a matter of trying it out.

Oh and look at these, these are their Boots specials, aren’t they cute? I just adore this gold one (again, picture credit to Travalo)

Travalo also has a Facebook page and they have a daily spray game there, you have a chance to win one pretty much every day as far as I can tell. I’ve played it for a while and so far no luck sadly 😛 I’ll keep trying!

Do check it out, I’m not just saying it’s awesome. It IS awesome!

Travalo homepage – this will also go to the links I love page above the banner for easier finding
Travalo Boots specials
Travalo Facebook

I’ll possibly be out of town for a few days, I’m still undecided. But I still have a few days of my this years vacation left so I might as well use it and get out of town. So if I will go, it’ll be quiet here for a few days. But do check back, I still have the ELF madness to finish and a lot of other interesting stuff in the works 🙂