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I’m always on the lookout for quirky silver jewelry. I can’t wear anything but silver, I’m allergic to both copper and nickel, both very frequently found in all kinds of mixes, copper is also present in gold for instance, rendering it unwearable for me. Silver is always a safe bet though. So I was really overjoyed when I came upon this fun store on Etsy, Karramba. The artist behind Karramba is Giedré Kolokšanskyté from Lithuania. And no worries, she speaks excellent English so you’ll be well taken care of in regards to customer service. Her jewelry is really fun and cute, she makes these adorable little creatures that you just have to see so keep reading!

Anyway this is the box the earrings came in, she even added a silver polishing cloth!

I got three pairs, I simply couldn’t resist. I got all of them in mixed pairs, the hedgehogs originally come as a pair of hedgehogs, I asked to switch one for a moose, which she very kindly did:

For scale, this is how the moose looks worn, they’re all pretty much the same size, the smallest is the bee:

If you don’t like stud earrings, she also offers an option to have the pair of your choice as dangles instead. I love studs so I was happy with that. The stoppers or however they’re called are also made of silver and they have a good grip, there’s no fear of them coming loose and performing a disappearing act. The earrings are 24$ per pair and the selection is awesomely wide from parrots to mosquitos. Anything your heart may desire!

She also makes matching necklaces (picture by Giedré, not by me):

I’m not sure if they’re the same size as the earrings, I think they are, they’re pretty small. I’d love to get one someday, specially cool if it were a hedgehog, I have a thing with hedgehogs 😀

Anyway you should definitely check her store out! The stuff she makes is just crazy cool!

Karramba on Etsy. This link will also be in the love list that you can find above the banner for easier finding later 🙂

Take care everyone and see you on Friday with something new and awesome! And by the way, Estonian Glambox wonderers, this month is just SPECTACULAR! I got mine yesterday and I’m still testing everything, I’ll have a post for you sometime next week but oh man, I can tell you right now that this is the best box yet! So stay tuned for that as well.