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I’m a shower gel snob and addict. I really dislike water, a weird quirk, given that I’m a Pisces and while I do not believe in astrology, still, what kind of a fish dislikes water? 😀 Anyway so since anything where I get wet is a pretty unpleasant thing for me, nice shower gels and moisturizers and shampoos and so on make the experience much much nicer. Thus I don’t tend to count pennies when buying shower gels for instance and I always have several at once.

So I turned to LUSH on my everlasting quest on finding nice shower gels. LUSH doesn’t have a store in my city and thus I haven’t bought their gels before since I usually like to smell what I get beforehand. But… Grass? Really? That I just had to have!

They say it smells like freshly mown grass in the morning sunshine with bergamot and neroli oil. I have to say, I don’t get the fresh grass in it, bergamot however is fairly strong. Overall it smells fresh and herbal in a good way, definitely very unisex and lovely. I love it, regardless of it not smelling like grass. I love fresh unisex scents, I’m not a fan of really sweet smelling shower gels.
It lathers really well and cleans nicely, doesn’t leave a weird residue like some shower gels do. Definitely a really good one! I do wish LUSH was in my city as well, I’d love to go and smell EVERYTHING! This shower gel gets a big thumbs up from me!
I got this in 250ml size which was 12.90€.

The second shower gel from them that I got to try was Dirty Springwash. Now, again since LUSH isn’t in my city, I didn’t want to buy two full gels without knowing how they smell. So I asked with my Grass order that if at all possible, could they add a sample of Dirty Springwash. Which they were more then gracious to add. For your information, samples aren’t something natural and everyday in Estonia. Most of the time it is totally pointless to even ask. So I do appreciate this very much. Since I got a small sample jar, I’ll show you what the bottle looks like on the official picture, credit to LUSH.

This smells like the baby of lady Spearmint and mister Menthol. It’s absolutely divine! The sample lasted me quite a few washes, these gels really do lather incredibly well and last a while. And I do say, this helped me survive the few really hot days we had here (this summer has been really dreary, only a few truly summery days), I don’t do heat well. This is a truly energizing concoction and very unisex once again. I’m definitely thinking of getting a full size, it’s just so awesome!
This is priced at 12.25€ for 250ml so slightly less then Grass.

Overall, I fell for LUSH shower gels with these two. And I fell hard. I definitely want to get my hands on more of them! My usual favorite has been the Body Shop when it comes to shower gels (I don’t buy anything else from TBS, I’m not really a fan of their other stuff) but I think LUSH might prove to be even cooler. And another awesome thing about them – they’re cruelty free. Always a plus!

LUSH home page – go check them out! And if you have cuticle troubles, Lemony Flutter is a really good fix for that *wink*