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I’ve wanted to cut down on the amount of chemicals I put on myself and one way to do it is to switch out my toner. Before I used Guinot and it was great but it’s ingredients list sounded pretty scary. So I decided to try something truly pure and organic. In came the Estonian online store Gaia Cosmetics. For organic stuff, look around in your area. In Estonia, I definitely recommend Gaia, they ship fast, the waters are in dark glass bottles which helps them preserve longer with spray pumps and the pricing is friendly.
Anyway so to solve my toner conundrum, I decided to get both rose water and witch hazel and mix them together for a toner. I basically just made a 50/50 mix in an empty spray bottle.
First, look at how gorgeous these bottles are!

As for the mix toner, it feels refreshing, doesn’t dry my skin and tones very well. It removes stuff that my cleanser somehow managed to miss and creates a nice base for my moisturizer. The only con I’d say is that the witch hazel doesn’t have the most delicious smell in the world, it overtakes rose completely and so the aromatherapy part in this is lost. I think for that reason I’ll be using the 50/50 mix for that time of the month when I get breakouts since witch hazel is great for pimples. Otherwise I’ll stick to pure rose water which smells great, is moisturizing and generally awesome.
You can read more about the properties of both waters here for instance. Though you can get a huge amount of extra information from Google. Obviously.

Overall, these are great! I store mine in the fridge, it’s so amazingly refreshing on a hot day to spray some gorgeous smelling rose water on myself. Ahhhh, the simple pleasures of life!

Gaia Cosmetics currently has a week-long sale going on, their waters are marked down a little as well. I definitely want to try their orange blossom and juniper water and I’m toying with the thought of trying out if castor oil really does help with stopping hair fallout (something I’m currently in serious trouble with). But yes, with school starting, my finances are going elsewhere this month, given that my 9-year old needs a whole lot of new stuff 😛 So maybe later. In which case I’ll write about whatever else I manage to try as well!
Their oil bottles follow the same design, just no spray (picture credit to Gaia Cosmetics):

As for the store, they shipped very fast and I got my waters quickly. There were no issues whatsoever. They also have reviews on products on their page which can be helpful when deciding what to try. So yes, in Estonia, go check them out! I don’t think they ship internationally. But for international people, find your local organic store and you’ll get all of the same stuff, just in a different packaging. The nice thing about organic waters is that no matter who makes them, they’re always pretty much the same.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/night and yay, tomorrow is Friday! I’m so exhausted, I really need this weekend. See you guys on the weekend with more fun stuff so stay tuned!