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Ahh, Converses are the love of my life. Seriously. I could have hundreds of shoes and if I didn’t own a pair of Converses, my shoe collection would look sad. Though I haven’t owned hundreds of shoes but still, point remains 😀

So anyway when I found these in Schuh, I knew I had to have them. And they started my Schuh shopping spree…
So here’s how they look, my brand new Converse Star Player Ox trainers:

And worn:

I’ll be the first to admit that they were insanely expensive, I’d say 65€ for a pair is a slight overkill. But I just love them so much! To kick me in the groin, the local sports goods store had a sale on Converses at the same time that I bought these from Schuh. But my local store had either sizes too small or too big, nothing in my size range, not even one size bigger. They had everything up to EU 38 and then EU 43-44. Me being 40 had no options there. But in the end it’s actually good because these red ones are unique to my city. Nobody has these!

Converses are always of exceptional quality and these are no exception. They’re sturdy, comfy and oh-so-pretty. My previous pair survived six years of vigorous wear (that’s daily wear while the weather was even remotely appropriate) and they would have lived longer but my cat decided otherwise. Anyway Schuh has quite a wide range of Converses so if you’re stuck in a country where you can’t buy Converses anywhere (or can but with a low selection and nothing strikes yer fancy), this is the place to go.

And in case you haven’t read shopping spree, part one, here’s what I think about Schuh:
First of all I have to mention this separately, they have the best system for showing you the shoes, not only do they have a load of pictures of every model, they also have a 360 degree view AND a video of them being worn! Seriously. I’ve often tried on shoes in the store that looked great on the rack but when worn were kind of meh. And vice versa. So it’s definitely a plus to see what they look like on someone. And the pictures are also great, for instance they even give you pictures of details, like this (picture credit to Schuh):

Pros of Schuh:
* Excellent view of the product, lots of pictures, 360 degree view and a video
* Very fast shipping, they ship the next day and use a courier service
* Low shipping costs! From UK to Estonia it’s 5€ and if you order over 75€, you get free shipping
* Clear and simple returns & exchanges system
* Takes Paypal in addition to major credit cards
* 100% authentic brands, no knockoffs sold as being real
* Wide variety of brands, including Vans, Converse, Keds, Doc Martens etc
* On the UK site they also have customer reviews, check those out for helpful tips on whether something runs a bit small or whatever else
* Customer service works 7 days a week and you will get a quick reply to whatever is worrying you. Also they have an extensive FAQ on their page.

Cons of Schuh:
* Pretty expensive but they do have sales
* The colors so far seem to be presented with less saturation then the shoes are in real life. Colors themselves are accurate, just in real life the shoes are much more vibrant. However it’s not a big deal at all for me. Just something to consider. This you can also read from the customer reviews, people usually mention if they look a bit different.

Overall I’d totally recommend Schuh!

Schuh UK
Schuh EU

Yeahhh, I’m totally pleased with them! I have a third part to this saga as well which will also give you my experience with exchanges. Which is always an important safety net to have when shopping for anything really, shoes in particular.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and see you on Thursday with something new and fun!