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So I finally got my hands on a bottle of OPI La Boheme, something that has always seemed like the ultimate red to me and the amber duochrome just made it all that much better. However… I got a dud. I knew this might happen so it wasn’t a surprise as much as slightly disappointing since I did shell out quite a lot for it and was hoping to get the duochrome version. Oh well! The red is still very pretty.
In the bottle the duochrome does show, it looks wild!

But on the nails, however much I tried, I couldn’t get any amber to show up. In daylight:

Also took a flash photo for you:

Couldn’t get a decent indoors lighting picture but the color falls somewhere inbetween daylight and flash.

* Really pretty red
* No streaks or bubbling, fantastic formula really
* Insanely expensive and hard to get (it was a limited edition from 2002)
* The old thin brush
* It’s a dud 😦

Taking everything into account, I’m still happy that I have La Boheme, even if it is a dud. But I definitely would have preferred the duochrome version. Still, it’s a very pretty red, just the shade that is my most favorite.
I am thinking about dressing this up into a nail art because I get restless with simply colored nails so stay tuned for that 🙂